Especially if you plan on selling your house. It will determine whether or not your prospective buyer begins their journey with a smile or a scowl. You want to give them the impression that this house is a happy and well-maintained place to live.

Make sure you spend a little extra time on the entrance to your house or the buyer might miss the cute way the foyer is decorated or the incredible stunning impact the dining room has when you step inside.

Add sparkle to your entry by painting your front door a pretty complementary

color that coordinates with your exterior color scheme. Keep your color classic and appropriate to the style of your home. Since the colors differ from region to region and neighborhood to neighborhood, do your research before you paint your front door yellow.

Make sure to check with your homeowner’s association to find out if there are any requirements or restrictions on what colors you are allowed to use on the outside of your house. If you do not belong to a homeowner’s association then the sky’s the limit! Now remember the color you might choose for your front door if you planned on staying in the house will probably be different if you are selling it,

Pink and purple doors

can make quite the statement and could be e

especially appropriate in a beach community or where house styles are more modern but in general, those are colors you probably would not choose to paint your door before you put it on the market. Look at your neighborhood and surrounding homes and look closely at the colors your house is painted before you make your decision.

Even though your front door is a huge part of your entry, don’t forget about your porch. You need to keep it clean and free of spider webs and mud daubers nests. Those pesky insects seem to love to make themselves right at home on your front porch. Think about including a porch swing or real porch chairs. Save the plastic lawn furniture for the backyard unless of course, your chairs are high-quality replicas.

Also, add some potted plants or hang a planter over the porch rail. Consider duplicating the color of your front door in the color of your flowering plants to create a well put-together look. If you do not have a front porch then add a pretty planted pot or a hanging planter near your front door.

Make sure to have plenty of light at the front of your house. Consider updating the lighting fixtures to provide a bright and sparkling atmosphere. The last thing you need to look at is your house numbers. Make sure they are not dirty or faded, Clean stylish legible house numbers add a finishing touch to any entry.

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