Why Photos Are Your Best Listing Tool

Using digital to improve your real estate sales.

As a business person you have to watch your expenses, and that includes the expenses that are allocated to our listings. Your cost of digital photography should not be any different. That’s why Why Photos Are Your Best Listing Tool.

Now, I’m not saying that you should go without high-quality listing photos. But what I am saying is there are ways to leverage those expenses so that the money that you do spend is spent wisely. This article will offer some solid ideas on how you can do just that.

So how do you leverage those expenses so that your overall cost is dramatically reduced? As I look at where the Real Estate business is at this point in time I see that it’s still a people business. But the tools that are used to drive business has dramatically changed. The yard sign still has a lot of value. However, the internet and search are still kings.

Why Photos Are Your Best Listing Tool

Your sellers and buyers are more likely to choose those properties that have great digital assets. Great pictures, tours and 360’s get more attention than say a property that has poor photos. So how does all this help you drive more business and leverage your expenses so that you can get more listings? The first thing that you need to do is to make sure that you are convinced yourself.

Do you believe that quality digital assets will aid in the speed at which your listings sell as well as generating the best possible offer that you can bring the seller? If you do then you will buy into the strategy of using your photography expenses to drive more business. This is Why Photos Are Your Best Listing Tool

What does a listing appointment look like?

For most sellers, they are simply looking for an agent that can bring them the best possible price within the shortest period of time. Other than that It’s a matter of do they like and trust you. So how do you do that? You build trust and confidence by presenting to the seller “What You Can Do and What Your Firm Will Do For Them”.

If you are using tools such as quality photos and tours, you will be able to say to your seller that you use a professional photographer, and will give them the same time and care that you give all your listings. If you are consistent in your message and marketing, you win over the seller. You see, sellers when they get ready to sell, check the market. They see all the nice photos, tours, and aerial pics of other properties. They expect the same treatment. In their minds, their property is “More Special” and desires only the best marketing.

Why Photos Are Your Best Listing Tool

So with that in mind, load your tablet with examples of how your other listings look and assure them that they will get the great service and photos that you have provided to all your previous clients.

In a book that I recently finished by Gary Keller of Keller Williams’s fame, Gary clearly states that listings are the main key to a successful Real Estate career. Doesn’t it make sense to have a professional photographer on your team? I think so.

To sum it up, I would like to leave you with the following facts.

Why Photos Are Your Best Listing Tool

Homes with high-quality photography sell 32 percent faster.

A home with one photo spends an average of 70 days on the market, but a home with 20 photos spends 32 days on the market.

83% of buyers cited pictures as very important

Agents who outsource photography earn twice as much commission as those who do not. Only 35% of agents use professional photographers.

Homes with professionally photographed pictures can sell for up to $19,000 more. (marketleader.com)

In conclusion, you’ll get more listing, your sellers will make more money, their homes will sell quicker, and your life will be easier. So why not start using a photographer to raise your game. This is Why Photos Are Your Best Listing Tool.

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Until next time, continued success!

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