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Get More Views With Virtual Staging

Staging a home goes back as far as the 70’s when n 1972, preparing a home for sale was actually named “home staging” by Barbara Schwarz. The then interior decorator and real-estate agent realized that homes that were better presented sold a lot faster and for more money.

This is where it all began. What a brilliant idea. Put furnishing in a home so that it looks and feels as if it is lived in and you’ll get more people looking at the property. Not only that you will bring in more lookers that will turn into more money for the seller.

It had its pit-fall though. Think of the time that was spent loading up all those furnishings and taking them out of the truck, setting it all up then when a sale was consummated, you would pack it all up and then move it back to a warehouse where you would have to store it until the next time.

Not only did you have to store the furnishings, but you would also have to clean it and even replace it when the items were damaged or simply started looking worn out. What an undertaking. But, it worked. So Realtors and builders built their marketing strategies around it.

Once the ” Staging Craze” was on. Businesses cropped up everywhere offering services to the Real Estate and Builders in their local market. Many of these businesses made a serious income with the staging craze. I use the term craze lightly because with every new processor technology the old way of doing things slowly fades away.

The good news for all these staging companies was there was really no other way of getting the results they were getting. Simply put it was working, agents were willing to pay the cost of the service, and an industry was born. Until the 2000s

In the early 2000s software began to get really good when it came to virtual reality and augmentation. With this new era in technology, all kinds of services became available for the Real Estate professional. One of those services is called ” Virtual Staging

And yes you guessed it, it’s that thing that changed how staggers are doing things. Let me say one thing. It’s not the end-all. It’s simply a more affordable and vastly less time-consuming endeavor that the old school method of loading the truck, unloading the truck, and packing and unpacking and storage and all that other stuff.

With over 90% of all home buyers looking online prior to their actual viewing, Virtual staging can provide the same effect with lower cost and improve the overall performance of your listing. Traditional 3 room property with traditional staging may run $300-$700. A virtually staged home may run $90-$150.

There is still a place for traditional staging, but for that extra POP consider a staged property in the virtual realm.

Here’s a couple examples of how virtual staging brings a room to life.



The room on the left is vacant and without some imagination, the average buyer can’t conceptualize the room dimensions and space. Now the room on the right gives the buyer a lot more to think about. It pulls them I and says “come sit down awhile”  

Let us help you, help your sellers and buyers with a low-cost alternative that will drive more views, longer views and more click through’s 

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