Virtual Staging Or Physical Staging?

Virtual Staging or Traditional Home Staging

The idea of “Home Staging” of set forth by a very clever set of Real Estate agents back as far as the 70’s. Now what person or persons are considered the originators of home staging,

I can’t say. However, I did some research and found that In 1972, preparing a home for sale was actually named “home staging” by Barbara Schwarz.

The then interior decorator and real-estate agent realized that homes that were better presented sold a lot faster and for more money.

Virtual Staging or Home Staging? What is it, and how can it help me sell my property faster? To get a be perspective, let’s go back a few years and look at how home staging originated. If you are selling a property, Staging can be a great tool for getting better results. And that’s how it all began.

The Process of Home StagingHome staging is the act of preparing a private residence for sale by making it appealing to the most amount of buyers. The key is to put together a home that has a broad appeal. In other words, don’t over complicate the process.

You simply want to strategically place the furniture and other items in a way that will give the prospective buyer a “Feel” of how they will be able to use the space.

An Art or a Science?

Home staging is somewhat of an art. You pick the area that you want to stage, choose items that would best fit that area and then order the furniture from your local supplier. Mostly rental companies and companies specifically set up for staging and temporary situations are the companies that would provide all that you need to “Stage” a vacant home.

If you are staging a home that is occupied the process is a little easier as long as the furnishing is in good condition and fit well in the space. In this situation, you would add in necessary accessories as well as remove any unwanted items in all the rooms.

This dramatically improves your photos and gives a nice clean and well-maintained look. The key here is simply a presentation. You are trying to show the property in the best possible light. The process of staging with actual furniture and accessories can be very expensive and time-consuming.

For properties where the home get’s steady traffic i.e a Model Center, this may be a great way to go. However, for a vacant residential property in a good market, there may be an alternative. “Virtual Staging

What’s Virtual Staging?

Simply put, ” Virtual Staging” is the same process of placing furniture in a vacant property “Virtually” versus bringing in actual furniture and accessories. Homebuyers are relying on photos and video more and more. This process offers an opportunity to show the property in a way where the potential buyer can visualize the space. Get a feel to scheduling a live viewing of the home.

Cost Comparison

The cost of a traditional staging could be in the hundreds. As for the cost associated with virtual staging, $35-$80 per room is the national average. With $45-$60 per being the norm. Therefore a 7 room home would cost anywhere from $315-$420. However, most sellers will have the 3 main rooms “Staged”.Living room,

The dining room and Family room and potentially the Master Bedroom are the most popular. With that in mind, you are looking at a Staged cost of around $ 200. Image Streets is currently staging homes at $35.00 per room and in this illustration, a 4 room package would run $140.00. Virtually staging offers a much more affordable alternative to the traditional staging process. Virtual staging is also a lot less time-consuming.

However, in the Home Model illustration, bringing in furniture may be a better option. With that being said, consider your options and evaluate your local market. Then determine if Virtual Staging or Traditional Home Staging would work best for you. To get your next home “Staged” reach out to us with the property information.

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