Using Your Multiple Listing Service Photos to Get More Real Estate Leads

Every Listing will sell eventually… It’s just a matter of time.That very fact can make it hard for most real estate agents to justify the cost of a professional real estate photographer.

“Are those photos really worth it?” I already have the listing. Why invest in great photos when I have an iPhone? Another justification is, I’m in a “HOT” market, everything is selling. Which brings me to my point. Should You Skimp On Your Real Estate Photography?

This is a legitimate question that a lot of real estate agents should be asking. Today I am going to try to convince you that you SHOULD invest in high-quality photos. But not for the usual reasons. View photos as a long term lead generation strategy. Here’s why. One of the more overlooked facts about all of digital marketing is that YOU NEED PHOTOS!

You could argue that the person with the most original photos on their website in real estate WINS! In their market. Why do you need photos? Here’s why:

  • YouTube is the second-largest search engine in the world. A video slide show ow your pics is very easy to upload.
  • Google ranks neighborhood pages with relevant images higher.
  • Pinterest literally only lets you post pictures and drives a tone of traffic.

And the great thing for you is that unique photos(like the ones you are already taking i.e your listings) help you succeed even more in all 3 of these marketing strategies. With that being said, your primary focus should be on using photography to generate leads in these four ways. Here They Are:

  • Pinterest Neighbood Pages-Pinterest is fantastic for generating website traffic these days. You can create landing pages with Pinterest boards. You can easily reuse tour MLS photos to populate these boards with highly clickable images.
  • Google Image Galleries-The best use of your old MLS Images in on Instafarm pages. Image galleries on your neighborhood pages can quickly help your SEO rankings. When you update your old pages with new content, you’ll get a bump in Google rankings.
  • You Tube-Yes YouTube is the second largest search engine. The thing is that you can reuse your listing pictures can be used after the property goes off the market. I know what’s the point, the house is off the market. However, you could incorporate those pics into a video of the community. If optimize correctly on YouTube, you get these videos to show up near the top of a YouTube or Google search. THIS WILL BRING YOU LEADS ON A CONSISTENT BASIS.
  • Just Sold Blog Post-One of the really cool things that I discovered through another marketer was the idea of documenting on your blog your SOLD listings. The goal of your post should be to rank on Google for the address of that property. You might be saying to yourself… WHY? Very simply put, if that property goes back onto the market and you are in the number spot, you are more likely to get the calls from that ranking.

You’ll be able to leverage the value of your photo investment into a LONG-TERM strategy that will generate leads for months to come. And every time you add another listing to your inventory and that listing sells, you’ll gain exposure from that one as well. It’s what I call a perpetual marketing strategy.

Now that I have made my winning argument, feel free to reach out to me at our website and comment on this post. We would love to hear your side of the debate. I’m almost positive that I won’t get many opposing comments because after carefully evaluating the power of leveraging your photos, you will see that there probably isn’t a better way to spend your marketing dollars. So remember, it’s not $150-$300 it’s marketing dollars spent on a listing today that will keep giving for many months after the property has been sold

Until Next Time! Good Luck and Good Marketing.

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