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Twilight Photos For Less Than $50

So what is a twilight shot? Well, it’s all the rage in Real Estate Photography circles. Very simply put it, a twilight picture is taken after the sun goes down. It’s that moment in time where the sky is still visible and the sun has set. Since this only happens once a day, how can you get twilight photos for a fraction of the cost? Yes Twilight Photos For Less Than $50

For a lot of higher-end properties, the twilight is a must-have. However, as previously stated there is only one opportunity per day and only seven days in a week. But with technology, it is possible to create Virtual Twilight photos for a fraction of the cost.

To get a true twilight photo of a property you must be on location early and the sky must be at an optimum. You must or should have all of the interior lights on as well as lights illuminated on the exterior as well. With all of this in mind, it does take some prep work to have everything ready. For many photographers, it will consume another 1-2 hours onsite.

Let’s say that you don’t have the time or can’t spare the expense of getting a twilight photo done? Here’s a way to get twilight photos for a fraction of the cost. Let’s say for example that you have a property that’s listed or will be listed at $200,000. I basic property that you would like to get a little extra marketing pop. You simply trying to get a little edge over the other properties in the neighborhood.

Well, say no more. Virtual Twilight Photos can be created within an editing software. In other words, we can produce the same look a true twilight photos for a fraction of the cost. Twilight photos for less than $50

Most photographers work off of Booked Hours, or the number of shoots they can complete in a day week, or month. In most service-type industries, time is money. Probably no different from selling real estate. the more properties that you can sell in a month the better your bottom line. It’s no different for real estate photographers. The difference is that our margins are a lot slimmer.

So when you begin to look for a photographer to give you twilight photos in addition to the interior and exterior photos, it’s important to remember that if you book the appointment in the morning or midday the photographer will have to return to the location which in turn will more than likely become an additional charge. Most photographers are going to charge additional to stay and get the twilight shot, however, in most cases, the expense will be far less if it’s part of the overall shoot or appointment. Tip: want a true Twilight, book your appointment accordingly.

Twilight Photos For Less Than $50

So how to get twilight photos for a fraction of the cost. Virtual Twilight photos are relatively easy to produce and can be created with an existing photo or of an exterior photo taken while you are taking the other photos. A virtual twilight photo will cost you $25-$50. ( a basic editing charge) A true twilight photo may run you upwards of $200 if the photographer is to do that only. If it is an add-on to your basic package you can consider $ 75-$100 additional.

This additional expense can be beyond what the average property warrants. On higher-end properties (waterfront and million-dollar homes) It’s pretty we given if the conditions are right the property photos will include a twilight or dusk to dawn photo.

Lastly, take a look at this article from the National Association Of Realtors I think you’ll see how a Twilight photo can truly help your business.

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