The Facts On Virtual Staging Are In!

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The facts on Virtual Staging are in, and what we found will make you stand up and listen. I was recently speaking with a home owner that asked me, ” Does Virtually Staging Actually Work?” Before we answer that question let’s look at the history of home staging.

Back in the 70’s is when the Home Staging craze got started. Meridith Baer is credited or noted as the person that created the Home staging craze. She built a business that generated upwards of 1.7 Million dollars a month. Not bad for an idea that started out of helping a local realtor dress up a vacant listen.

Staging is an interested proposition. You take a vacant home, apartments, and commercial space and fill them with furniture and accessories to give the property a look and feel that helped the would be occupant the feel of what and how the space would fit their needs.

The idea works. Obviously, properties that were “Staged” sold and rented mush faster than those that we not. It quickly became the SOP ( standard operating procedure) of most if not all full time Realtors and Agents. That was then , this is now. The thing that changed everything, “THE INTERNET” As the market changed and more and more buyers began to use the internet as a way to shop for their new home, physical staging began to drop off.

However, the same problem existed. In fact, the problem was exaggerated. More and more internet home shoppers wanted to get a sense of what and how they could use the home or commercial space they were viewing online.

With that a new technology cam online called ” Virtual Staging” Imagine viewing a home online that is in reality vacant. But, you view the property with room(s) full of furniture. Well you can. The primary benefit to Realtors, Property Management, Investors and For Sale By owners can have their properties staged for anywhere from $35.00 to $75.00 per room. Traditional staging would be many times that amount. Imagine no more furniture getting moved in and out of the properties. No travel, No Insurance, No possibility of damage. The down side of the Virtually staged space is that when a prospective occupant actually gets to the property, they may be a little let down when they realize that the room is empty. That’s Okay. Here’s a solution to that possible objection. Blow up a photo of the stage room and put the photo in a place where the perspective buyer can see it and how they can use the space.

Here’s an example of a staged room.

For more information on how to use Virtually Staging on your next listing, reach out to us for pricing and availability. We don’t need to take new photos in order to stage a room.

We look forward to serving you.

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