The Best Beach In Crystal River Florida

Where's The Best Place To Visit On Florida's Nature Coast

Looking for the best beach and boating area in Crystal River Florida? While on your visit to Crystal River Florida you’ll probably want to visit the beach. Well, we found what we believe is the best beach in Crystal River Florida. Here are some basic facts about the area.

Crystal River Florida
Down Town Crystal River

Crystal River Florida is a coastal city in western Florida. Kings Bay, which is fed by springs, is home to the Crystal River National Wildlife Refuge, sheltering manatees year-round. The Best Beach in ” Crystal River Florida ” is located at Fort Island Gulf Beach.

There is at Boardwalks at Three Sisters Springs Wildlife Refuge offers views of the marine mammal and the natural springs. In addition, there is a beach area and a park. Northwest is Crystal River Archaeological State Park, with remains of an early Native American settlement, including ceremonial mounds. 

Take a walk around and you’ll be quickly entertained.

On this day, I walked over to the historic crystal river train station. Personally, I find trains and moreover train station very interesting. Back in the day day, if it didn’t come by train, it probably didn’t show up.

Historic Train Station

This is a city a place that has lots of outdoor activities. Don’t come to Crystal river Florida if you are wanting to stay inside. Probably, not a good plan. LOL With art festivals, kayaking, fishing, hiking, and other activities you’ll find a trip to Crystal River Florida well worth your time.

On many occasions, I will simply drive out and walk around. People watch, check out the train station, or maybe just go have some lunch. Speaking of lunch, I discovered the “Crab Plant“. This place is probably well known, just not by me. The atmosphere is really great. Not only that It sits on the water, but there’s also outside seating ( that was here long before outside dining was mandatory)

There are plenty of places to eat in Crystal River. Besides me I like seafood and I always like to enjoy it sitting somewhere I can enjoy the water.

If You Are Looking For The Best Beach In Crystal River Florida

As previously stated there are a couple of beaches that are really popular in Crystal River Florida. There’s is the beach and park area at the three sisters springs area and the Fort Island Gulf Beach. Why do I say that this is The Best Beach In Crystal River Florida? Well, this is probably more of a personal preference than anything else.

I would say that I am an expert on beaches in a way. I grew up on the beach (a famous beach on the east coast of Florida) Not that makes me an expert. But I find that beaches that have room to move around and children have plenty of room to run and play are the best beaches.

Children want to experience the birds and the water. I find that a time at the beach is about the sand and water not a jungle gym in the middle of a park that may be on the edge of a waterway that is called a beach. Sure, there are parts of our coastline that don’t offer an expansive beach area like St. Pete Beach or Clearwater Beach.

However, this doesn’t mean that you can’t experience a really nice beach are while you are in the Crystal River area.

Beach in the Middle of January?

With all of this being said. I took a trip to Crystal River. being off that day from my ‘Day Job” and thought to myself ” A trip to the beach would be nice today”. so I packed up the camera and headed out.

The trip is about 45-50 minutes from my place to Gulf Island. I arrived at around 2:00 PM or so, the sun was in full display and not a cloud in the sky.

There were a few visitors. Many any in jackets and hats. It was a little cool, but I thought to myself, It beats shoveling snow that’s for sure. Pulling my camera out of the bag I started taking a few pics when I discovered that there was a boardwalk that leads to an observation area. It was sitting over the waterway so that you could see the entire area.

Local Energy Plant

Crystal River Energy Plant

Across the way is the Crystal River Energy Plant. I always found that place very interesting. Not sure if is scary or amazing. Oh well, back to the beach. I took the trek through the woods (a short walk) to the observation deck and the views were really nice.

The best beach in Crystal River Florida is my rating. In fact, I say this because it meets all of my requirements except for one. There is an actual beach area, there is plenty of parking, there are seagulls and places to get out of the sun. In addition, if it a cool day you’ll still plenty to see as you walk around. Lastly, it wasn’t overcrowded and there is no fee(s) to enter.

Now the thing that I didn’t like about it. It’s a 9-mile drive from the main highway to the beach area. Don’t take this the wrong way, it’s a really peaceful drive with plenty of nature to see. If you are into photography like I am, it can be a little difficult finding places to pull over. Other than that, it can make for a really relaxing day.

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