The Benefits Of Great Pics For Your Small Business

Why Your Business Needs Professional Photography

It’s no secret that all successful businesses need to have an online presence. Unfortunately, not all businesses understand the power of utilizing the internet and professional photography services.

Some people think that photography is for headshots and weddings. Nothing could be further from the truth. The truth of the matter is: Professional photos can take your brand to the next level. From digital campaign to print media, images can be a crucial part of your overall marketing strategy.

You may be saying to yourself, I’ll use “Stock” photos. Let’s get this straight, stock photos are a thing of the past. Sure you could go that route, but you’re likely to find the same photos over and over again based on the industry you’re in.

Stock Images Are Not Unique

Stock images are not unique. Your customers will quickly catch on to who is using stock photos, and what businesses aren’t. I see it all the time. A generic or stock photo of a real estate company website is used several times by realtors across the web.

A plumbing company with the same guy holding the same pipe wrench. It goes on and on. When you use custom images versus stock images you are showing your customers that you are unique and expressing who you really are. Maybe you do a photoshoot that focuses only on your office/warehouse space and products. Maybe you leave those items aside and use professional photography services to take pictures of team retreats or other company events.

How can one image, or a set of them, do so much?

Because a picture says a thousand words. An old saying that holds more truth today than it ever has. A professional photographer ensures that photos across all parts of your business are consistent and realistic. Get headshots of all your key personnel.

Encourage your team to use these images on their professional digital accounts (LinkedIn, email systems, etc). Take the headshots of your top executives and managers and place them on your website’s “About Us” or “Meet the Team” page, too. Increase your company’s website load time. Studies have shown that a load time of greater than 3 seconds greatly increases the drop or what I call the “Next” rate for a website. Low-quality images will dramatically increase load times.

This can be huge for your conversion rate. Present everything in a fast, crystal clear manner with the help of professional photography services. Good photography will not only give you eye-catching content, but it will also make sure it is the right resolution and quality for your needs.

Website Load Times Are Important

Load times play a significant role in keeping your online visitors engaged. Not only will engagement improve and bounce rate decrease, but your SERP rankings will also improve. You can also name your images with targeted keywords.

Use your new high quality to drive additional traffic and leads from your site. Finally, Take your photos “Off Screen” No matter how effective your online strategy is, you will need high-quality images for your print strategy. When considering:

  • business cards
  • brochures
  • billboards
  • company apparel
  • magazines/newspapers
  • vehicle wraps

All of your photos must have certain characteristics in order to produce images that can be transferred to print. If your photos aren’t correct, you risk having an order of blurry results that you can’t use. Or, you may have a print order rejected altogether because you don’t have the right photo format.

The Bottom Line On Photos

At the end of the day, professional photography helps tell a story. Great visuals are all about sharing your company to your current clients and prospective clients. Photos are a form of introduction. A high quality photographed business says: this is a high-quality business”.The bottom line is, you only have one shot to make a lasting impression. When prospective customers come to your site, what do they see? Do they see a business that’s thriving?

Or do they see a business with outdated pictures of their facility, or 15-year-old pictures of the ownership? I get it everyone wants to look young. But be realistic. There’s nothing worse than finally meeting someone and saying, “WOW” they need to update their corporate or company profile picture.

When it comes to company facility pictures, do a little staging and clean up. What do we mean by that? Take the time to clean and straighten up to work areas. Have the windows cleaned? Take unwanted furniture out of your shots. If you are in food service, take shots with a full dining area and or a full parking lot. People want to do business with businesses that are successful. You should take pictures of clean restrooms and kitchen prep areas. This may sound odd, customers base dining on three things. Cleanliness, Food Quality, and Service.

High-quality pics in these areas can and will go a long way to driving more visitors to your restaurant. If you own a service business, consider taking pictures of your front entrance and service desk with a happy face-up front. Let’s face it, there’s nothing worse than walking into a business where the first person you come in contact with has a grumpy look on their face.

The Psychology Of Visuals

There’s a lot of psychology when it comes to presenting an image of your brand to the public. Painting a picture of success can be easy if you have the right coaching. With that being said, it’s even more important to make sure that you follow through with your digital strategy. For example, don’t bring in a model to set at your front desk for all to see online, and when they arrive to have your grandmother sitting there knitting a quilt. (not that your grandmother would do a poor job) I’m simply saying

DON’T BE DECEPTIVE. This goes on a lot in the real estate industry. Realtors want pics produced in a way that doesn’t truly depict the property’s actual dimensions and improvements. It’s my opinion that if you have full room shots that are clear and without distortion, you are giving the prospective buyer a true look at the home. Foodservice businesses often have beautiful pics of their establishment and food. But when you get there, you get a whole different vibe.

It’s has been proven over and over that humans are better at remembering visual information than the written word. Keep this in mind as you begin updating and improving your community image. Don’t be deceptive and follow through on your digital promise. Photos help you stay relevant in the mind of current consumers. They help get the attention of potential new customers as well.

This is why your business needs professional photography. Oh, By the way, I used only stock photos to prove my point. Stock photos offer no benefit over an original. All the photos in this post are boring and generic. For information on digital marketing, visit us at

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