6 Reasons to Visit Spring Hill Florida

Spring Hill Florida Is a census-designated place in Hernando County, Florida, United States. The population was 98,621 at the 2010 census, up from 69,078 at the 2000 census. The American Community Survey estimated the population in 2017 to be 113,508. In 2020 it has become more popular due to its proximity to the Sun Coast Highway and outdoor activities.

Spring Hill is located between Brooksville and Land O Lakes Florida. Its the neighboring city is Brooksville. Nearby you will find Weeki Wachee Springs. A popular destination for swimming with the Manatees and enjoying natures best. Close by you will find Sun West Park. an area that is posed to have a lot of expansion. A park that features waterboarding, skying, and other exciting water sports.

Here are some of the places to visit in and around the Spring Hill Florida area.

Botanical Gardens, Spring Hill Florida

Spring Hill Florida

Wildlife Survival Sanctuary

Fish off the scenic Bayport Park pier

Picnic at Crews Lake Wilderness Park

Taste aromatic wines at the Strong Tower Vineyard

Hike around the wildlife-rich Weekiwachee Preserve

And a lot more. I’ll link a page where you can review a description of all the things there are to do below. But before I do that I wanted to touch on the main reason I believe people should consider moving to the Nature Coast.

This is one of if not the most affordable places to live. When you look at Florida as a whole you’ll find that Hernando and Citrus Counties offer the best housing prices and cost of living on the west coast. ( Florida’s Nature Coast) If you are looking for affordable housing, in an area that has plenty of shopping, theaters, and most importantly outdoor activities, then this is definitely a place to consider.

Spring Hill Florida A Great Reason To Relocate

I moved here two years ago not really knowing what I was doing. I needed affordable housing that was close to Tampa, so I landed in Spring Hill. It turned out to be a great decision. I will say that with every good move, you must think about the downsides. Though this is a great place to live, the employment situation is not the best. More than likely you will find yourself driving to Tampa ( 45-55 minute commute) to find a good job.

If there is one thing that the community leaders must do, It’s to encourage more industry to the area. For most young families employment is a huge consideration. But on the other hand, the standard of living and lifestyle is huge as well.

With the recent pandemic scare, it was ultimately determined that getting outside was a good thing. Not being confined not only was a good thing for our physical health but our minds as well. Our community saw a low incident of corona deaths and that’s a real positive.

With everything that is going on in larger cities, why not look at an area that’s pro family, has shopping Lot’s of outdoor activities and housing is inexpensive.

In speaking with some of my Real Estate clients, it was said on many occasions that there was an up-tic in the number of out of state buyers looking to relocate to our area. Not that I want our little town to turn into New Jersey South, but it’s nice to know that a state like Florida that generally gets beat up on because of the media, was and is at the front of the list of place to move to that are safe and a great place to either raise a family or retire.

Here’s the page that I found that offers a good description of all the great things to do in our area. https://trip101.com/article/best-things-to-do-in-spring-hill-florida

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