5 Reasons To Check Out Spring Hill Florida

Spring Hill Florida

Spring Hill Florida. Sure, there are plenty of places in the Tampa Bay area that have nice neighborhoods and good schools. And there are areas that offer plenty of shopping options as well as entertainment. But before you make a final decision I say check out spring hill Florida. Here are the 5 Reasons To Check Out Spring Hill Florida.

Spring Hill Florida

Before we go there lets look at some of the facts surronding Spring Hill Florida and Hernando county. According to Wikipedia

Spring Hill first appeared on Hernando County maps as early as 1856 along what is today Fort Dade Avenue just north of the community of Wiscon.[5] The modern Spring Hill was founded in 1967 as a planned community. Spring Hill was developed by the Deltona Corporation and the Mackle Brothers. The developers originally wanted to call the community Spring Lake and used that as the working name through the development process.

How Spring Hill Got Its Name

They were forced to use a different name due to the name Spring Lake already being in use locally and chose Spring Hill.[6] The plans for the community are identical to the community of Deltona. The Mackle Brothers sold many of the properties and land in the area through intense advertising.[7]

It has since become a sprawling semi-city in its own right, though it is an unincorporated area. The main entrance to the original development is marked by the Spring Hill waterfall on Spring Hill Drive and U.S. Route 19 (Commercial Way).

Spring Hill’s proximity to Tampa, 40 miles (64 km) to the south, and the completion of the Suncoast Parkway in 2001 have made the community easily accessible to the Tampa-St. Petersburg area.

The population of Spring Hill Florida

Is around 117,000 (2017) Now for many the idea that there a lot of people in Spring Hill may seem a little off. When expressing my desire to move from Tampa to Spring Hill I was hit by a lot of comments that went something like this ” There’s nothing up there” That’s the sticks” “There’s nothing to do” and on and on.

Well, I decided to take a drive to Spring Hill Florida and I quickly found a whole different story. Here’s what I found. Here are my 5 reasons to check out Spring Hill Florida.

1. Things to Do, There’s a Lot To Do

Here are 5 ideas for you to get you started. Wildlife Survival Sanctuary. Alfred McKethan Pine Island Park. Bayport Park. Nature Coast Botanical Gardens & Nursery. Crews Lake Wilderness Park.

The wildlife sanctuary is located at 18212 Booming Rd, Spring Hill, FL 34610. Here’s their website. A wildlife sanctuary is a place where Our mission here at Wildlife Survival is to rescue animals without prejudice. We do not breed, and the animals are not SOLD.  The animals are not taken out in public or allow direct contact with the public.

They were founded to provide the animals we rescue with over-sized natural habitats where they can live out their lives peacefully while being provided with the best possible care they deserve. Our animals call the sanctuary their permanent home where they can be safe from harm.

Crystal River Florida

Pine Island Park is another place in the Spring Hill Florida area that offers a beach atmosphere with bird watching and a park for your enjoyment. Here are the address and the website: 10840 Pine Island Drive
Spring Hill, FL 34607
Website We have visited this park recently and find that it offers a great place to enjoy the beach and have a relaxing day. I would say that during the peak months to get there early.

The park is small and I could see how the parking would fill quickly. The beach area is really nice and there is a concession area as well.

Next is the Botanical Gardens, a must visit

Now, this is to all you guys out there. When the partner, wife, or girlfriend says “let’s go to the flower garden” don’t get all worked up. I thought the same thing. However, I took my camera and had a really good time.

The Gardens won’t take you more than a couple of hours to get through. There are a fish pond and plenty of places to sit and enjoy the fresh air. It really is a must-see. Here are the address and website. 1489 Parker Ave, Spring Hill, FL 34606 Website

Spring Hill Florida
Spring Hill Florida Botanical Gardens

How about Bayport Park. Now, this is the place for all you Kayakers and boaters. This park has several boat ramps, a place to launch the Kayak, and more than enough places to sit down and have lunch or simply take a break. The pier has been recently rebuilt and there is lots of room to fish or watch the boats go by.

I would say that most of the time that I have been there the launch point for motorboats is always very busy. So be prepared for a possible line to get your boat in the water. On the other hand, people are always polite and things seem to move very quickly. Here’s the address and the Website. 4140 Cortez Blvd Spring Hill, FL 34607

Spring Hill Florida

Last but certainly least, Crews Lake Wilderness Park. This park is located in the Pasco part of Spring Hill Florida. So don’t be confused by the location. The address is 16739 Crews Lake Dr, Spring Hill, FL 34610. Here’s The website.

Spring Hill Parks and Recreation

This is a really nice park with a lot to do. They have soccer fields, playgrounds, nature trails, camping and places to have gatherings, and more. Like the train station and train rides for the children ( when operating), You should call first to make sure that the train is running. I found that the facilities were always well kept and the environment is fantastic.

Spring Hill Florida

2. Traffic and Weather Let’s move on to Traffic and weather in Spring Hill Florida The weather in Spring Hill Florida is generally like the rest of Florida. Well at least north of Tampa. In February the averages are 73/43 high and low. March, things begin to warm up and the averages are 77/52. April they are 82/57 By mid-summer things get a lot warmer.

The average summer temperature is 91/72 with much more rain and the onset of our hurricane season. The traffic is moderate and there are access points to major highways to Orlando, Tampa, and Ocala. Personally, I find the traffic very tolerable.

Are The People in this Community are Friendly?

3. The Community’s Personality This may seem a little odd to list as an important issue when visiting an area. However, think for a moment when you traveled to a location and the people really weren’t that kind or the diversity of people was limited. It makes for less of a good time. Moreover, I wouldn’t say that the people here are overly friendly (Georgia or Tennessee friendly) but they aren’t rude either.

There are a lot of people here that are either getting ready to or have retired. Life isn’t such a rush for them and is less stressed open with their time.

4. Business Climate The business climate is Spring Hill is really good for service type businesses. If I had to say one thing that’s a negative is that big industry doesn’t seem to want to come to Hernando County. Spring Hill Florida consist of businesses that support construction and housing business. Most of the businesses are locally owned which I really support. But for those that are in Tech or Financial services, you’ll end up commuting to Tampa.

Spring Hill Florida

Here are some basic data from datausa.io The economy of Spring Hill, FL employs 41.1k people. The largest industries in Spring Hill, FL are Health Care & Social Assistance (7,313 people), Retail Trade (6,465 people), and Accommodation & Food Services (3,522 people), and the highest paying industries are Mining, Quarrying, & Oil & Gas Extraction ($126,071), Public Administration ($47,647), and Utilities ($47,500).

Hoping For a better jobs market In Spring Hill Florida

There’s always hope that the local leaders will encourage larger employers to the area. The quality of life in Spring Hill Florida is really good. It a town that’s centrally located with access to Orlando and Tampa. Additionally, the nature coast offers a real opportunity to enjoy the environment while living in an affordable community.

If you are just visiting, Florida’s Nature Coast truly has a lot to offer.

5. Cost of Housing The cost of housing. One of my favorite topics. There are a lot of places that you can buy, or rent a home in the Tampa Bay area. Now depending on your preferences and your budget, you may want to consider Spring Hill Florida. If you are just visiting and want to be in a location that will give you access to Orlando, Clearwater Beach and Tampa then look no further than Spring Hill. Highway 19 provides a direct rout to Clearwater and St Petersburg. You can also use 589 the Sunshine Parkway (Veterans Expressway) Tampa airport in 45 minutes.

For a jump over to Orlando from Spring Hill, Highway 50 provides a nice scenic route with minimal traffic congestion and it will take you to Orlando with 1 hour.

The housing market in the Spring Hill area is very affordable and is still probably one of the most affordable areas in the state. Please don’t misunderstand me this is not Miami, Ft Lauderdale, or Fort Myers. Is a growing community that clean, safe, and centrally located.

Spring Hill Florida

However, the housing prices in this area start in the Low 100’s. I have seen properties sell for under 100K very recently. If you want a list of properties, send us an email to PROPERTY LIST and I’ll make sure it happens. ( we are not realtors)

As a sidebar, rentals are very affordable as well.

Let’s Wrap It Up

Spring Hill Florida is a growing community with lots of opportunities to get out and enjoy nature. When I say Spring Hill I really mean the entire Nature Coast Area. The Nature Coast runs all the way up the west coast of Florida. However, Spring Hill / Brooksville are the most populated and centrally located to other cities in Florida.

So check it out whether it be for a place to simply land for a few days or for making it a permanent move.