Small Town Brooksville Florida and It’s Charm

Small Town Brooksville Florida

Small Town Brooksville Florida and Its Charm. There’s a lot of Small Towns in Florida and other parts of the country as well. However, we will be talking about the small towns in Florida. More specifically the small town of Brooksville Florida. Brooksville located on the west coast of Florida between Spring Hill and Inverness.

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For many of us, we long for the day that we could possibly move to a small town, retire and have a lifestyle that quiet and peaceful. As I get older I realize that this may never happen. For two reasons, one I’m still working and number two, it would appear that small towns are slowly dying off.

We live in an era that wants to centralize everything in the major metro areas. People that want and love the Small Town / Rural lifestyle are losing their voices and have very little to no input in the direction of things.

With this being said, the people in Brooksville don’t want you to move to their Small Town, they probably don’t even want you to visit. In the last post that I wrote, I received a lot of kind messages that the people of Brooksville would rather you stay away.

I think this is one of the main reasons that people like to visit Small towns like Brooksville, Inverness, and Ocala. Though Ocala has grown much over the last several years, its downtown has a small-town feel. I look at Mount Dora and other places around the state that are still thriving and I’m happy to see they are still making it.

Let’s Talk About Small Town Brooksville Florida

Well, we are here to talk about the charm of Brooksville Florida. Here are some facts that you may or may not know. First, here’s how Brooksville got its name.

History is once in a while terrible, yet we always need and should remember. Positive or negative, it shows us significant lessons.

Charles Sumner was a United States Senator from Massachusetts long before the American Civil War. He was a frank adversary of slavery and known for his red hot discourses regarding the matter.

Preston Brooks was a representative from South Carolina and a similarly blunt backer of slavery.

Here’s What Happened

One day in 1856, Sumner gave a discourse in the Senate that was particularly offending toward the South. Creeks brutally assaulted Sumner on the Senate floor and almost beat him to death with a stick.

Sumner missed the following 3 years of administration in the Senate and required broad treatment to endure his wounds.

Brooksville, Florida is named for Preston Brooks. His assault on the detested Yankee representative made him a saint in the South. Brooksville the city came to be.

The savage demonstration that ultimately entrenched the town’s name doesn’t fit with its tranquil attitude of today. Dazzling antiquated oaks line the block roads. Stupendous and old very well kept brings quietness and serenity.

Like many of its sister towns in the state, Brooksville has seen better days. The downtown is filled with the older buildings that have the quaintness that we love but have felt the ravage of father time and economic downturns. On my last visit, I did take in a couple of new establishments that look like they are trying to make it. With the pandemic of 2020 and the overall challenges that small businesses have in general, it’s hopeful.

Looking For a Great Place to eat, while in Brooksville Florida?

There are a few good ones. depending on what you are looking for. I outlined one below because it’s been around a while and seems to be very popular.

One of the establishments that have been in Small Town Brooksville Florida is The Main Street Eatery has been serving homemade lunch, and only lunch, since it was opened in 1989 by Mr. and Mrs. Bill Bell. 

It is very popular with the locals who work in the nearby shops and government buildings, but it has also been discovered by tourists. The paper table mats have ads for many of the downtown Brooksville businesses, so it is a good place to get oriented.

The Eatery has a delicious selection of sandwiches, salads, soups, and desserts. Their offerings range from healthy to decadent. For example, you can have their house salad with garden-fresh veggies, celery and carrots, and a healthy dressing.

They serve spicy chicken wings, cheese nachos, pasta salad, Greek salad, and even have a diet platter made with Jell-O and cottage cheese. All of their sandwiches are made using 97% fat-free meats.

They say that they have the best Cuban Sandwich in the area. Tampa is known for some really good places for Cuban food, well that’s a huge claim. I guess I’ll need to try one day. Or maybe the next time you are in town, try one yourself.

Small Town Brooksville Florida and It’s charm

Small Town Brooksville Florida
Small Town Brooksville Florida

One fun thing to do in Brooksville Florida is, if you are visiting during the months of February through the summer there are live concerts downtown. Here’s the website Friday Nights Live. The first time we took a trip out there I thought “well how great could this be”? I was pleasantly surprised. The music was good, there were plenty of food options and there was beer, wine and mixed drinks available.

The park was filled with people of all ages and stripes. Since then we have been to several concerts in downtown Brooksville Florida. It’s a great way to support the local business community and it’s a good time.

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2 thoughts on “Small Town Brooksville Florida and It’s Charm

  1. Leslie says:

    We are 35 year residents of our ” small town ” here in Brooksville. The majority of residents prefer our country roads and peacful living. If you want to advertise ” small towns ” please try Spring Hill or somewhere else. We really don’t want Brooksville to become another concrete city.

    1. Imagestreetsphotos says:

      Thanks for the feedback. Hope that Brooksville stays just the way it is. That’s the point of the post. We are losing Small Town America. God Bless


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