Real Estate Photography Tips.

If you are a DYI home seller or a Realtor Looking to market a home on a budget, you’re probably wondering what are some good tips for taking Real Estate Photography?

The bottom line is that taking an interior or exterior picture of a house will be totally different than taking a pic of your cat fluffy. There are so many factors that come into play when it comes to getting the room ready, lighting adjusted, and making sure that you get the entire room in the shot.

Using quality photos in real estate listings can make all the difference. Capture the best images possible by making space look its best, using high-quality equipment and considering what homebuyers want to see. Here are some tips from professionals that produce the types of images you need to sell more homes.

Let’s start off with:

Invest in a wide-angle lens. When you are taking photos of a given property there will be rooms that you will encounter that can not be captured with most standard camera lenses. Additionally, a wide-angle camera lens allows for wider shots that give a better sense of depth and detail.

Use a sturdy tripod to get sharp photos. Using a tripod in a naturally lite property will give you the end results you will be looking for. The interior of homes looks their best in natural light.

Use Landscape Orientation for Optimal Viewing. The human eye sees the world in a roughly 4:3 aspect ratio, though the standard ratio is moving to 16:9, so our brain finds the horizontal/landscape view more pleasing than the smartphone vertical picture we see far too often.

Emphasize the best qualities of every room. Our top tip for real estate photography would be to take a photo that emphasizes each room’s selling point, whether it is the natural light in the room, the spaciousness, or the little nook in the corner that will make buyers curious to see more. Take shots of unique features like built-ins, special cabinets and other features that buyers may find enjoyable or useful.

Leverage the power of video. In addition to static photographs, use eye-catching video to make your space pop. Traditional listing photos are a great way to showcase individual rooms and features, but a video can express the entire layout of a home. Video lets buyers see how a house flows, making it easier to envision themselves in the house and more likely that they’ll call you for a showing. If you’re ready to take your listings and email marketing to the next level, look into getting a video marketing solution. There are several vendors out there.

Prepare every room that you are getting ready to shoot. Clean off the counters. Remove all the magnets and postcards from the fridge. put away all things that are sitting around. Minimalize but don’t sterilize. When it comes to bathrooms, lower the seat, arrange the towels and fix the soap dish. You get what I’m saying. It’s important that you have everything in a place that looks organized and clean. I bet you didn’t know that photography was so much fun.

Use current technology, like drones. If the property is in an area where aerial photos will do it justice, then, by all means, put up a drone. If it’s a farm property, or waterfront property or even a place on the ocean you should differently consider Drone Technology. One thing to remember is to hire only a licensed professional. Additionally, If you are on a budget, Drone pics can be as effective as a video.

Use a wide-angle lens, not a fisheye lens. There’s a trend in real estate photography now that can make a room look far larger than it actually is. There’s nothing wrong with taking photo’s that offer a good perspective of a room. However, a fisheye lens creates an unrealistic look of a room.

Optimize angles. Your most powerful photographic tools are your eyes and your feet. If your angle is wrong, moving a few feet (or inches!) in either direction can make a big difference, and just looking carefully at the picture once you’ve taken it (assuming you’re using digital) can tell you if it’s a keeper or if you need to do something different.

Another little trick. Upload new or updated photographs whenever you can. If somebody rearranges the furniture, go ahead and snap a new photo. If some landscaping gets updated go by and take an additional shot. Add that photo to the listing because that will help trigger a new search in the MLS. If some landscaping gets updated go by and take an additional shot. Somebody may have seen it before, but it might now catch their attention in a different way.

The bottom line. Take your real estate listings to the next level with high-quality, carefully staged photographs. Help properties stand out by making the most of local weather conditions, highlighting photogenic features, and using the right equipment. Use good angles and consider taking shots of the outside areas that offer lifestyle settings. Like patios, pool areas and treehouses. In an area like Florida, there’s just as much living outside as inside. Once you take the photographs, use editing software or hire a professional to correct lighting and otherwise touch up your images.

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