Let’s Get Back To Nature

Let's Get Back To nature

Let’s get back to nature was the theme for the Bass Pro Shop commercial on Super Bowl Sunday. And of course, I thought that it had a very important message. A message that we have been pushing for the last year. It’s a message about the great outdoors. No matter where you live this country has so many places to visit. Whether it’s a local park, a hiking trail, or of course Florida’s Nature Coast (shameless plug)

You really should get back to nature. Like I say ” back away from the television set” and get outside the box.

Let's get back to nature

When the pandemic hit and we were all required to be locked into our homes like the prisoners in a low-security prison. I began to see that if we didn’t take on a different outlook we would all be doomed. More than anything it was and still extremely important that we evaluate our mental health as well as our physical.

Like many, I have been very blessed to have a job that allows me to stay at home. My children are grown and that whole scenario isn’t part of my daily routine. With restaurants, movie theaters, amusement parks and churches shut down it was hard to invision where any was going to find entertainment. Entertainment outside of the television set.

Drop the Remote and Find a Boat or Kayak

What I love about Let’s get back to nature is that it is so simple and solves so many issues. If you are outside in the sunshine, you are getting vitamin D that so many doctors tell us we need. If we are outside enjoying nature we are getting exercise. And with 12 plus months of sitting on our butts, WE ALL COULD USE THE EXERCISE.

Let's get back to nature

Lastly, it’s a real opportunity to get together with other individuals and family members to enjoy a nice day out. It’s time to get back to nature. It’s time to visit Florida’s Nature Coast. All of you people in Tampa that need something to do, drive 35-45 minutes north and spend a day on the Homosassa River. Maybe a day at Crystal River, crews lake park, or even better yet spend the day and watch the sunset set at Cedar Key.

Looking for a place to visit? Everyone loves to come to Florida. Well now’s a great time. Sure, if you have never been, you’ll want to visit Disney World. ( I get it) But even Disney has a campground. After you leave be sure to travel a few miles west and visit Florida’s Nature Coast. It’s Nature’s Disney world without all the long lines, people and expense.

Let's get back to nature

I wanted to include the link to the Bass Pro Shop just in case you didn’t see it. In the meantime,

Let’s get back to nature

Get outdoors, and take some time with family. By the way here are some additional photos of Florida’s Nature Coast