Is 1 Photo Enough To Sell My Home

So is 1 photo enough to sell my home or property? This is a huge question. There are many factors that go into this question. Recently I was speaking with one of my clients that’s a Real Estate Professional. This very question came up.

There are a couple of key thoughts or questions that I would need to ask prior to answering this. Number one I would need to know what type of marketing are you doing? Are you simply posting the property on the MLS? If so, what are the limits from an MLS ( Multiple Listing Service) standpoints? In most boards 25 is the limit.

Are you planning on having a virtual tour built using your photos? When it comes to the MLS system, they feed syndicate with several other sites with the two main sites being and Zillow. If you are selling FSBO ( For Sale By Owner) you will or should consider their policies when thinking about the number of photos that you should use when selling your property.

School Of Thought

There are many schools of thought when it comes to this question. But, let’s look at something that may be more important than the number of photos… The Quality of the photos. Sure, sometimes more is better. But 50 bad photos can do more damage than simply not having any photos at all. Is 1 photo enough to sell my home? In one of our previous posts I wrote about the ” Blue Sky Effect”. Blue sky’s in exterior real estate photos dramatically improve the click-through rate of listings.

So is 1 photo enough to sell my home

So to take this one step further, One quality exterior photo is worth more than 50 bad photos. Back to our original question. How many photos should I use when selling my house? In reality, a property that’s 1500-2500 square feet can be very well represented with the 25 maximum allowable via the MLS.

Is 1 photo enough to sell my home

Here’s the Best Strategy

As a matter of fact, whether you have a property with 1500 Sq Ft. Or 15,000 Sq Ft. That’s all you will be allowed. However, when it comes to your tour, you could present as many pictures as you want. However, I would not recommend using more than 50 total pictures in a residential situation.

Getting the right mix and showing all the high points of the property is key. Consider what you like about the property when you bought it. You’ll find that you and others have similar interests and requirements when it comes to property.

For additional marketing, you may want to consider a video. But for now, let’s look at the photo breakdown.

2 pictures of each bedroom

2 pictures of each bathroom

2 pictures of dining area

2-4 of Living room

4 of the kitchen ( Most people focus on the kitchen)

3-4 of the Master Bedroom

2 of the front of the property

2 -4 of the back ( If there is a pool 4 is a good number)

(Using this formally you would have a total of 24 pictures.)

Is 1 Photo Enough To Sell My Home, probably not. But as you can see having a good exterior picture can and will greatly increase the possibility of more clicks and views.

Now there other photos that you could consider. Aerial Virtually staged rooms, and even a 360 virtual tour. All of these other options have great benefits.

Aerial brings a whole different perspective of the property while offering some other benefits like ( how the property fits on the lot, roof quality and neighborhood perspective)

Virtually staged room pictures can help potential buyers envision their furnishings in the property with much greater ease with virtually staged rooms. For more information on how to market your properties, you can always go to the National Association Of Realtors Site.

And of course a 360 tour allows that buyer to move through the property ” Virtually”

So when thinking about the number of photos that you should use when selling your house, don’t overdo it and make sure you have quality pics very a bunch of bad pics. For more information on this topic and more, check out our other post.

Until Next time. Stay Safe Image Streets

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