How We Market Real Estate Has Changed Forever

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More than ever it will be important to bring out all the best features of a property when putting it on the market. Times have changed for now in a drastic way. How We Market Real Estate Has Changed Forever As I look around I see within a matter of 30 days or less the entire landscape of the Real Estate Market has changed.

Although there are transactions still taking place, it seems as If most people have taken the government’s advice and staying very close to home. For those that are in a position where they have to to sell or see the opportunity to buy while rates are low, then it may be business as usual.

The point of this post is to look at where we are as an industry and see if there are creative out of the box thinking that will help those that are wanting to sell and get them aligned with those that want to buy without the fear of catching a virus. It is a challenge.

Virtual Listing Appointments

In our office we have already conducted a couple virtual listing appointments, as well as virtual open houses. With a video camera you can video your listings and then post the video on Face Book or a You tube then you make an announcement that you are going to be available during the hours of ____and ____ to answer any questions regarding the property.

Another good idea is to put together One page property sites on all your listings. When a potential buyer calls in regards to the property listing, you can send over a link via email. Your One page site should include virtual tour or video.

Picture of a room that was taken prior to staging
Brooksville Florida

Use virtual staging on properties that are vacant. This will help buyers get a better feel for how they will fill the space with their furnishings. Another idea would be to have a 360 tour created for the space as well. This is a great way to let people move around the property without you actually being there.

Strange Times Are Here

I realize that we are in some weird times, but if we look back at transactions that we may have had with international buyers. Many of them purchase properties right over the internet. They look at videos, 360 tours and other visuals like aerials and google maps. With all the information at hand, they make a decision without ever stepping on the property.

Eventually they make their way to the states and they begin to enjoy their new how or that all important vacation home. So in many ways the Real Estate business shouldn’t be hampered by the current environment, but it will.

For good reason. People are getting laid off work, hours are being cut, and there are those that are getting sick or have someone in their circle that’s sick. This is an extremely stressful time. I feel it, and I am sure most of you out there feel it as well. As many have said “ We need to work together” Help one another. This will not be easy. But with some creative thinking and continuous effort we will make it.

Marketing Your Property

When it comes to marketing your property, whether you are a For Sale By Owner, or a Realtor marketing a property for a seller, you will need to make sure that you are presenting the property in the best possible light. First thing, get a really good exterior picture on the property. When perspective buyers are looking, the first pic they see is the exterior. GET A GOOD ONE.

Second, Get the inside in order and get at least 10 interiors with good angles and lighting. Lastly, Backyards and pools should be the WOW shot or what I call the Money shot. In Florida, People live outside in. Especially now. If I’m going to be restricted to my travels, then I am going to want to be in a nice backyard or sitting around a pool.

Who knows how long this will go on. I certainly hope that it ends soon. As I am sure all Americans are looking forward to getting back to where we were. In the mean time we will need to get lean, get focused and get creative in our approach.

One final thought is to be better personal marketers. Let the people around us know that we as Real Estate professionals, we are here to help any way that we can. I have produced a few marketing pieces that I think can help you let more people know that you can help. Here’s a link to our Store.

For all of the properties that you did in fact put together a virtual tour for, put a sign on that property advertising that the interior of said property can be seen virtually. Also let them know that you are available via video conferencing or Skype.

Video Conferences

My final comments. If you have a property that couple use a Tour or Updated photos I can help. Through the month of March, April and May We are offering Micro-Property Videos ($39.99) Tour assembled with your photos ($39.99) A 15 Pic Photo Package ($99.00) and a 6 image Aerial Package for $ 79.99

If there are any other services that you may have an interest in or believe that you may need in order to help a seller, please reach out to me directly and I would be more than happy to discuss options that would fit your needs.

Best Regards,

John A Jones CEO

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