How To Sell More With Drone Photography

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How to sell more with Drone photography. How to sell more real estate with Aerial or drone photos. We believe that with Great Aerial pictures you can get greater response from all of your marketing efforts. There are many ways that you can present your Aerial photos.

Depending on what you are trying to emphasize or highlight on the property will determine how and what type of editing you may want to use. Consider Aerial picture below.

Don’t let your property fade into the background. The Aerial Color Fade option will make your listing stand out and give potential buyers a better understanding of the entire property. Your marketed property will remain natural while neighboring homes fade out to black and white.

When selling a vacant piece of land that is positioned in a manner that could use highlighting, the below photos and edit can really help you get and keep eyes on your Aerial. Highlight a property or parcel of land with a colored outline around the boundaries. You can choose the color and our team of professional editors will get to work.

This is a Great example of how when a property may be bunched in with several other properties and you want to ensure that your perspective buyers get a clear perspective of it’s location. Also in this picture it clearly illustrates the distant that the property is located from the water. We can label your aerials with just about any color you need.

Like one of the previous example, this photo is great for developers that are selling a parcel of land that may be divided up into several build-able lots. And with the greenery overlaid on the photo it really gives the perspective buyers or investors a feel for the over-all property potential.

We can add a” Pointer” Or an outline of the structure so that it’s easily distinguished from any other adjoining properties. When photographing a stretch of property sometimes the power of the shot can get lost in all of the other noise around it. This is a great way to keep the viewer focused.

With all the above editing options available, you can easily show the the benefits and location of your property with even greater impact. Aerial photos have been around for a long time. But with the new drone technology and some skilled editing, you can really capture the interest of would-be, buyers, investors and developers.

But, first you need to get some photos that work. Call us TODAY! we are very affordable, Local and we’ll keep our social distance.

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