How To Generate New Business Without Spending A Lot of Money.

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It’s an age-old issue, How to generate business and leads at the best possible cost. Let Us Show you How To Generate New Business Without Spending A Lot of Money.Most businesses are looking for low-cost ways to see and get more clients. It’s not an issue hurdle to jump. I spent the last few hours with one of my Real Estate friends. We discussed different methods of driving business. Like, mailings, Email, and purchased online lead.

As we began to talk I realized that maybe the old ways had gone away. Those days of reaching out to our clients and prospects via the telephone and mailings maybe was simply a thing of the past… Or was it? I wanted to look at it further. As a matter of fact, I wanted to prove that there were certain aspects of ” Old School Marketing” that were well worth a second look.

With some organization and discipline, you can drive business without spending very much money at all. Now what I am about to say will probably shock you. What am I saying? ” Pick Up The Phone and Call Someone”

Making phone calls to your local market will have a great impact on your business. There was a time when that one time close was the norm. In that respect, I would say that those days are few and far between. With that being said let’s look at how picking up the phone 1-2 hours a day could and will change your life dramatically forever.

The goal is to reach out to a given area to, number one introduce yourself as well as your firm, Secondly, to gain referrals that will ultimately drive additional business through your door. So what or how do you do that? First, let technology help you do the work. Look at getting a dialer. A phone dialer will help you be more productive.

The message that you will deliver will be very simple. A simple, ” my name is John, I’m with XYZ real estate her in X_______ town USA. We are simply reaching out to the homeowners in your area to make a quick introduction and see if you know of anyone that may have an interest in buying or selling a piece of Real Estate? With a no, you’ll want to determine if it is someone that you’ll want to call back on your next round of calls.

If you get a YES, then it’s time to get some additional information so that you can follow up on another date. It’s that’s simple. Now the trick here is that you will need to make the calls on a regular basis.

Without consistency, you’ll get defeated and probably get discouraged, and quit. Now if you consistently make a meer 100 dials per week, that’s 5200 calls over a 52 week ( 1 year) If you get a meer 1% conversation rate that’s 52 additional solid leads. Now we all know that you will probably not close all of these leads. With a 20 % close rate (which is low) you have generated an additional 10 sales annually.

With an average of $200,000 and a 1.5% split, that’s an additional $30,000 in annual income. My number is low, but you get that idea. an extra 1-2 hours a day, 5 days per week.

For more information about how a “Community outreach phone calling Campaign” can dramatically help your business grow, please feel free to either give us a call or email.

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