How to choose a Real Estate Photographer

One of the decisions of many that a Real Estate professionals will make will be, "Should I hire a professional photographer, or do it myself"?

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One of the decisions of many that a Real Estate professionals will make will be, “Should I hire a professional photographer, or do it myself”?

It may seem to be a simple matter of economics. However, it can go beyond that. It’s truly a matter of whether or not you can produce the quality of photos that will adequately represent your brand.

If you decide that you would like to go with a professional photographer, here are a few questions you may want to ask yourself as you make your selection.

When reviewing the work of your possible photography partner, look at their photos and ask:

Are the rooms appropriately lit? Lighting will be the biggest thing that you will have to overcome. It’s difficult to get a level of lighting in a room that has ambient light piercing through. What happens is the outside light is stronger than the inside light. This creates a situation where it’s difficult to get the room lighting to a normal state.

Are verticals and horizontals straightened? Are the verticals straight? We are not talking about the ones that are hanging in the window. It’s important6 to make sure that when using a wide-angle lens you don’t present a photo where the walls look warped or not straight.

Does the photographer offer all the services you want for the presentation of your property? Simple enough. Do your photographer offer services like virtual staging, photo enhancing like item removal and other important services. Get with a team that offers all the digital tools you need.

Also, ask the following questions.

How much time will the shoot take? (If it takes less than an hour, you might wonder if this photographer actually takes the time to present your property in the best way.) It shouldn’t take all day and it shouldn’t be 20 -30 minutes either. It’s important that the photographer you are choosing takes his or her time with the property so that you get the best possible outcome.

Is the price reasonable for the services? Easy enough, are the prices competitive. There may be somewhat of a bidding war out there. Let’s not price ourselves out of the business. Additionally, do you want cheap or do you want results?

Is there no misuse of the wide-angle lenses? Do they use the wide-angle lens beyond making an attempt to show the entire space or they using the wide-angle effect to push the envelope with respect to the actual look and feel of the space?

Do you understand the layout of the property just by looking at the pictures? Do they properly help you visualize the space and how it may flow?

Most importantly is the photographer a business person, in other words, will he or she work with you on volume discounts, additional services or squeeze you into a schedule that may currently be tight. Is the photographer “Service Driven”?

Get these questions answered in the affirmative, and you probably have someone that you can work. Otherwise, continue to interview others until you find someone that fits your needs.

Until next time, Continued Success.

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  • That’s a good point that the lighting in the house might not be great for taking pictures. I could see how that could make your house look worse, so it would be best to have the whole house well lit. I might have to choose a photographer that will have the proper equipment to make sure that the lighting in the house is as good as possible if I decd to have some pictures taken for when I sell it.

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