How 83% Of All Realtors Are Missing Out On Local Business.

83% of all real estate agents and brokers are losing out on local business and don’t even know it. That’s a pretty staggering statistic. The good news is the other 17% are not. So what gives. If I’m a Real Estate Broker and I want to get my share of that additional business, what do I need to do?

How 83% Of All Realtors Are Missing Out On Local Business and How To Fix It.

You need to start blogging. Yes Blogging.” If you are a Real Estate agent and you are not blogging, You are losing business” National Association Of Realtors

According to the NAR (National Association of Realtors) only 17% of all Realtors survyed have a blog on their site, or have a separate blog. The power of blogging is something that most Realtors are not aware of or don’t realize how powerfull a blog can be.

So how do I statrt a blog? It’s really very simple. You add a page to your website and label it BLOG.

You will need to have something to write about. Preferably real estate related. “You are in the real estate business”. The biggest challenge will be coming up with topics and actually doing the writing.

Writting a can be a very difficult and stressful thing to do. Especially when you consider that you will need to write articles on a consistant basis if your to be successful.

T get some ideas on real estate related topics, go to Google and enter search terms that are of interest to you. Look for topics related to your local community. Once you have found a couple topics write a sumarry of your thoughts. I always like to write everything out on a word document so that I’m not distracted.

Why a Blog and Why Now!

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We all know that the Real Estate business has it’s ups and downs. Building a network of good referral sources can take time. A blog can become a very valuable referral source for your business. However, it will take time before you begin to see results. Depending on your commitment it may takes a few months or even a few years. Now, I’m not sugessting that you go on the “Year(s)” plan. I’m simply pointing out that in order to get to a place where yu have consistent traffice you will need to have a blog that has 30 plus articles.

30 articles on well searched topics on Real Estate realated searches in your area. In addition to the number of articles, you should plan on writing articles that are a minimum of 1000 words. With all this being said, a top local real estate blog could and probably will help you bring in thousands of additional revenue.

Here are some keys ways blogging can help your Real Estate business grow:

  • It will help you increase your Website Traffic
    With each new blog post you create, you’re essentially telling Google and other search engines: “Hey! My website’s active! Come check out my new content that should show up on your search engines!” By having your site appear on more search engines, you’re essentially paving the way for increased traffic. This probably the number one thing that most Realtors and in fact most anyone will have a struggle with. Writing content every week is not easy. Trust me on that. What I like o do throughout the week is to jot down ideas that I have and as the week goes along, I open up my note pad and fill in the pieces.
  • Posting to Social Media helps drive traffic
    By posting on your social media pages about your blog updates, you’re providing material that people can share on social media sites. This gives you wider exposure and a bigger audience that you normally wouldn’t reach. Posting social media can help drive traffic, however I have found that SEO or organic traffic will produce the best production results. I.e LEADS. Face Book is the number 1 social platform among real estate professionals. But you are to ensure long term success. Blog then post. Your website should be priority one.
  • Establish Authority
    If you deliver content that addresses common searches and questions clients may have, people will start seeing you as an authority. A blog is a long-term play. As you have new experiences within your business and you share those with your readers you will begin to build online credibility. Consistently providing readers with helpful information will show them that you know your stuff, and will put you in a positive light. Tip: Knowing what’s going on in your community will illustrate that you know your market and what’s new such as tax laws, new schools and infrastructure.
  • Leave Your Mark
    By publishing a blog post, you’ll be leaving footsteps behind on Google and other search engines. People will be able to find your website if they see your blog post come up on the search engines, even if it was published months ago. On this very note, there are post on just about any topic that you can think of that are still ranked on page one of google that are 2,3,4 and even 5 years old. These are digital footprints that can and will generate you business for years to come.
  • You become the “Local Information Source”
    By constantly posting on your blog, you’re collecting information that can be useful later on. I touched on this earlier. Collect information and take note everyday on topics that you think will be interesting to your audience. At some point you can provide this information in a post or response to a pending question or situation. ABC (always be collecting) information that is.
  • Customer Perceptions
    A blog can serve as a way for you to communicate with clients and prospects looking for properties in your target market. There’s a saying that goes like this “perception is reality”. And this goes for real estate agents especially.. If you are perceived as the agent that is number one in your market, you will get the share of good prospects and listings.
  • It’s Personal
    Publishing blog posts will give off a “personal touch” that just might be what gives your business the edge over competitors. By blogging, you’re showing potential leads and existing clients that you’re passionate about real estate and helping others find their dream home or property. Don’t just blog about your business. Not in a way that seems like you are pushing property sales all the time. Blog about the local fireworks display. Blog about a good camping spot or the best burger joint in town.
  • Better Writing Skills
    Last but not least, you’re honing your writing skills with every blog post you create. I save this one for last. Let me say this, I was the worst writer in high school and college. If I had to survive by writing, I may not have gotten out of the 10th grade. I’m not sure if I’m any better today. I tell you this so that you will move past your fears and start writing. Personally I just continue to write articles and try to improve. Creating a Blog will allow you to communicate better and get ideas across more seamlessly, an invaluable skill to have whether you have a career in Real Estate or not.

Other Opportunities by having a Real Estate Blog.

Let’s talk about one other very interesting and important point when it comes to your blog. The real estate industry in it’s self has many related businesses. What I call support businesses. You have appraisers, title companies, mortgage companies, inspectors, photograpers,a nd the sign guy. All these companies are looking business just like you. Well here’s the opportunity you have to add a little addional income to your bottom line.You are probably already being approached by these individuals on a daily basis. Why not asked them if they would like to advertise on you site?

What a difference this would make for your business. Knowing that you have a steady flow income from your website.Even better yet, you sell leads from your site and generate even more money. As an example: You have 5 support businesses buying leads from you that are generated from your site for let’s say $20.00 per lead. You generate five leads per week per business. That’s 25 leads per week at $20.00 gives you $500 in additional income from your each week. Or $2000 per month.

It will take some effort to set this up. But, what a better way to get some additional income from your blogging efforts. Now this is not for everyone. I only present this strategy to show you that a BLOG has or could have more benefits than the ones illustrated above.

The Wrap Up

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To wrap everything up, I would say this. Add a blog page to your site and start writing about you and your business. I started this page a few months ago and just recently got serious about writing articles on a regular basis. I was in the same position. I knew in the back of my mind that I needed to get more web presence. I didn’t want to simply throw money at it. I wanted consistant growth, with long term results. My business is photograpy for Real Estate. Most of my articles are on helping real estate agents grow their businesses.I have articles on helping FSBO’s ( For sale By Owners) and other community related topics.

I hope that this article helped you see the benefit of starting and continuing a blog. It will truly help you with your business and help you become an authority in the Real Estate profession.

Continued Success!

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