Get More Referrals With Closing Gifts

As a Realtor, you are always looking for ways to generate new clients. As a salesperson, this will always be your biggest challenge. So how do you continue to drive business in the most cost-effective way possible? Let’s look at how to get more referrals with closing gifts.

Many gurus will tell you that the most cost-effective way that you can grow your business is to get referrals. Will this be easy? maybe, It really depends on how you conduct yourself as a professional.

So what kind of things can you do to generate more referrals? There are several thoughts on this subject and can be summed up in simple terms. Either ask your client volunteer the names of people that may have an interest in your services directly or have your clients indirectly refer you through social media and 1-5 star ratings. Here’s a better way to get more referrals with closing gifts.

One of the ways that we have seen that gets attention is personalized gifts. We recently ran a beta test on a new photographic product that takes the customer’s home and turns it into a piece of art. Another way to get more referrals with closing gifts…

We took a photo of a home that was recently closed on by one of our clients and turned that photo to a watercolor/sketch look that was then placed on an 18 x 24 canvass. It was also printed in 4K to give it that extra “WOW” factor. We showed to impartial persons as well as builders and Realtors in the area. The reaction was far better than we expected.

get more referrals with closing gifts
Generate Referrals With Closing Gifts

With that in mind, It dawned on us that this may be a great way to leave a lasting impression on a client that you have recently sold a house to. The cover photo of this article is one example of the type of print you can offer your clients as an affordable gift that will last a lifetime.

Builders can use this type of photo to promote their property or simply give as a gift at closing as well. There are so many ways that you can use a photo to cement the relationship between you and the client.

To take this one step further, as a photographer I know that photo’s and art of any kind evokes many emotions. Emotional ties are what create strong relationships. I wouldn’t say that it’s your job to offer such “Gifts” but if you want to grow your network of referrals and your business, this is a great way to make it happen. This whole experiment or it may be considered an accident, has been a true eye-opener for me. Sure, I knew that a photo could and will bless many people in different ways. But I didn’t think that it would be so well received that it has begun to take on a life of its own.

Get more referrals with closing gifts

My final thoughts are this… When thinking about what impression you want to leave on others that you help with the single largest investment that they will probably ever make, consider this, they can buy a house/home with just about any licensed realtor. They can buy a home off the net, or an FSBO.

But can they have a lasting relationship with some person in California or New York that’s pushing paper from the other end? If you want a business that means something, think about what you can do for your seller or buyer that will leave an impression. An impression that will keep on giving. Here are the Gift Guidelines set out by the National Association of Realtors

get more referrals with closing gifts

Whether you use us to make that impression or you come up with your own idea, it’s important that you do something for someone that has entrusted “YOU” to help them. Well, that’s it for now. If we can help you in any way, please let us know. I want to simply talk about some ideas that you may have, simply leave us an email. or an old fashioned voice message.

My final thoughts are if you begin to give gifts at closing, try to make that the gift is something that will touch the person that you are giving it to. Think about it. What was the main thing that drove them to the area that they purchased their property in, was it the beach, a lake the mountains. Were they transferred and miss the old place? If so get them something from there. Well, good luck, and remember to generate referrals with closing gifts Now.

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