Get More Clients With What You Wear Now

Get More Clients With What You Wear

Get More Clients With What You Wear…Does what you wear help get you more clients? Sure a good-looking outfit may help you leave someone with a good impression about you as a professional. But it’s not just about what you wear, but how that attracts clients and prospects.

In this short post, I am going to talk about some of the ways that you can promote your business without spending a lot of money and two how to use what you wear as a way to ” Start The Conversation”. So let’s go. I wrote about this topic in an earlier post this year. I went into how as a Real estate agent you can spend a lot of money on advertising on Google and Facebook. For those that don’t have a budget to crank up the volume if you will, there may be an alternative. We will show you an easy way to get more clients with what you wear.

There are many ways that you can promote what you do and how you help people meet their financial goals. It’s interesting to go into a local market and watch all the people that come and go. I often wonder what many of these people do for a living. I’m sure many of them don’t want you to know, nor do they care. But for those of us that have to scream from the rooftop ” Hey I help people Buy and Sell Real Estate, and I’m REALLY good at it” It’s a whole different story.

Real Estate is a very competitive business

where it seems as if everyone and his or her brother has a license. It’s a little concerning to me why some many people want to get into Real Estate. Maybe it’s the lure of easy money. The last time I checked the average Realtor made $35,000-$50,000 a year. That may sound pretty good, but when you start dividing all the hours by the omissions earned, you may be better off doing something else. Now don’t say this to be negative or to discourage anyone one from entering the business. I only bring this up because I believe that if you are going to get in the business, Then GET INTO THE BUSINESS with both feet.

Show the world or at least your local market

that you are in the business of helping people to either buy, sell, or invest in Real Estate. So what are you doing now to promote yourself? If you walked into that market I was talking about, would I know what you did? Would I know that you are the local expert in the field of Real Estate? I would venture to say, PROBABLY NOT.

Let’s look at some ways to change that. First, and most easily, do you have a name tag? I have a friend that I spend a lot of time with because I shoot most of his properties. If I didn’t know that he was a real estate agent by the fact that I was his photographer, there would be no way of me knowing. He doesn’t even wear a name badge. He’s what I call a secret agent. A 007 Realtor. LOL

Stop being a secret agent, get more clients with what you wear

Let everyone you know in a non-aggressive way that you can help them Buy, Sell, or Invest in Real Estate. Here are 3 ways to do that very thing:

Get More Clients With What You Wear

Hats, T-Shirts, Your Pet(s) Now you are probably thinking how the heck can my pet help me promote my business? Well on this page you will find some links and banners that will take you over to a company that I simply think is great. Think about this, why not have your apparel ask the question that you want to ask but simply don’t have the nerve to ask? That all important conversation starter, WHO DO YOU KNOW… that wants to sell a house, buy a home or invest in Real Estate?

Take a look around and see what type of products you could use to generate or start your next conversation. We all know that once we get the conversation going, it’s really pretty easy from there. So for now, Continued Success. I look forward to bringing you more ideas that will help you grow your business. You can also go to the National Association Of Realtors for additional marketing ideas

Until now it’s Hats On…PS Don’t forget the photos

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