By Booking A Shoot the customer agrees to and understands that the photos and or videos requested are to be used for the marketing of the subject property for the term of the listing. The use will include and extend to any further short term marketing post sale including just sold advertising. The customer further understands that the photos/videos are for marketing use and are owned by the photographer not the user. The media may not be sold, given away or lent to another agent, decorator, designer, builder etc. The photos may be given to the seller at the consummation of the sale as gift if that is the users desire. If the seller is given the media it may not be used for any profitable venture including but limited to the resale of the property without the photographers written permission. The photographer understands that once the pictures are in the MLS system they are to stay in the system per the board of Realtor rules and guidelines, please do not remove them.

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