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If you have visited our site in the past you know that we are all about digital assets. We focus on how they can help you sell, promote, or enhance the process of selling a property. In this post, we will show you how you can get Free Photos for For sale by owners.

If have never visited our site and this is your first time. Well, we are a Photography Company that specializes in Real Estate Photography. We offer some unique services to our customers like custom photographic gifts, prints and canvasses.

Free Photo Package for For sale by owners

In this article, I would like to talk to you about about where a seller (in this example, a For Sale By Owner) can dramatically improve their chances of selling their home. Without the use of a Realtor. Before I get into the “Nuts and Bolts” I would like to say that there are plenty of great Realtors out there. What I have found in that there are 3-5 great real estate teams in most cities and towns. The remainder of the agents are part time. Many don’t offer the type of service that you deserve for giving up 5%-7% of your total sales price.

As the Real Estate market has changed, there is a heavier reliance on the internet to drive traffic and interest to a property.

If you are considering selling your house ” By Owner” be aware that the competition out there is very tough. The companies that drive the market like your local MLS system, Zillow, and push all of their traffic o local agents that are buying leads and paying for Ads.

This is not said to say that you’ll have no chance of getting a sale without the help of an agent. I’m simply stating that the t drivers use agents. Agents that get paid to move property.

Zillow and

However, you can list on Zillow and other platforms as a By Owner. Additionally,this may get you some traffic but the internal workings of the market will quickly re-affirm that the insiders are the ones that control the buyers and sellers in the real estate market.

You have large market drivers that control the market, realtors control the local traffic and you as a seller simply want to save a few bucks on commissions? One of the areas thta you can compete is in the area of your property presentation. i.e better photos and a video or virtual tour.

Free Photos For For Sale By Owners

Yes, Professional photography can dramatically increase the amount of looker that you get looking at your property. Do a quick experiment, go out to Zillow and lok at some listings in your area. Now if you are in a middle class neighborhood, you will find that most of the listings that Realtors put up are not very good. Most of the listings won’t or don’t have a virtual our aerial photos.

Twilight Shot, Image Streets Photography

We are all visually motivated. What I mean to say is that the best pics get the most views. Now if you can put together a nice presentation of your property you will be miles ahead of the competition.

Number two, make sure that your property is priced right. If you are serious, don’t over price your property. No one I mean no one will even take the time to call you if you are not priced right.

lastly, be available to show your property. The market in most parts of the US is pretty steady.Additionally, If you can’t be available, then you better rethink your strategy.

Here’s the Offer

All of that brings me to our AMAZING OFFER. With this in mind If you want a professional photo package absolutely FREE ( there is a small setup fee of 29.00), We will give you FREE photos for For Sale By Owners. which will get you lots of views. You can email or call us at leave me a message at 352-515-0274

Keep in mind that we only serve Florida’s Nature Coast. And this offer is only available if you are an FSBO ( For sale By Owner) No Agents Please. We can be reached HERE

I look forward t hearing from you.

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