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Sure, you can sell by owner and " save the commission" The market is really hot, especially here in Florida. A Lot of property owners are going it alone. Some are hiring discount brokers, other are negotiating reduced fees. With all of that being said, you still will need one important part of the equation to have success. Great Photos will make all the difference. Every successful transaction starts online. 

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Get It Sold Faster - You could be on your way to moving on up because homes with more photos sell faster than homes with just one or two photos. Professional photographs can also help make potential buyers feel like they can actually live there! More Clarity - Photos can show details or features of a home that might not be clear when looking at just a single photo. A set of photos can make all the difference in how someone feels about home and whether or not they're interested in looking further. Less Waiting - Homes with one photo on average stay on the market about 70 days, but come with 20 photos sell within 32 days - less waiting around, and more time spent living in a new home!

Get Professional Services

Professional Real Estate Photography - Receive professional photos of your home from a professional photographer.

High Definition Videos - Add high-definition videos from an aerial drone to really highlight any particular feature or space on your property that buyers might want to know about.

Virtual Staging - Make it look like a model home! Enhance your listing's curb appeal by recreating a home's interior using virtual staging techniques and digital manipulation tools

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