Fix And Flip Documentation

With the current environment it is important that you are set up to buy, sell, and rent properties virtually. It’s a common them in today’s world that we prepare our businesses so that we can operate virtually. I have found that in the Real Estate Investment game, most investors have been operating this way for yeras.

While speaking with a client that was looking to sell his home, I explained that with today’s technology it wasn’t necessary that he be there all the time waiting for buyers to come through the door. With the use of 360 technology, video, and aerial or elevated pictures, a buyer could get a very good perspective of what his property looked like.

He really appreciated the fact that we could present his property to potential buyers without them actually being there. This leads me to how we can help Real Estate Investors. Let’s say that you just had a meaningful conversation with a potential seller. You are in California and the property is in Florida. Short of getting on a plane and physically going to the property, how are you going to know the “TRUE” condition of the property? You won’t.

I guess you could be asked the seller to send you a few pics. ( Bad Idea) Do you really believe they will send you pics of the roof that has a hole in it, or a room that has been destroyed by a large dog? Trust me I have seen it all. I know I’m not telling you anything that you do not know. So what’s the solution? Really very simple, HIRE US.

For $75.00 We will take 50-75 photos of the exterior and the interior of the property. We will take an interior and exterior video as well as note any areas of concern. For an additional $25 we can provide a 360 view of every room in the house, condo, etc. The 360 offers a great way to closely evaluate each room for repair estimates.

We have backgrounds in Real Estate, Construction, and of course Photography. We believe we offer the most cost-effective way of documenting a potential Real Estate Investment. Keep in mind we only service the West and northwest part of Florida for single investment documentations. If you have multiple properties that need documenting, we are open to travel Please reach out and let us know what your needs are. We would be more than happy to discuss your specific needs.

I found that the service I received from Image Streets Photography to be very professional, I got exactly what I needed to make a good investment decision.

Jim Hanson, RE Investor

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