5 Reasons For Drone photos for real estate

You can increase your property views by adding some Drone Photos for real estate. Easy enough to do. Simply put a drone up snap a few and you are ready to go. Just a couple of things to consider. You’ll need a Part 107 FAA license as well as some experience flying the drone. All of this has a cost of around $1,500. Here are the 5 reasons for aerial pictures in 2021

Or you could simply hire us starting at $75.00 ( well worth it) depending on your needs and when you have to have it done.

Aerial pictures can truly offer a perspective of the property that you simply can’t get from the ground. 

Arial or Elevated shots will help your property listings. Would I say that Aerial is good for all properties, No? Some properties simply don’t need or require an aerial picture. However, I would say that in communities where they are rich in amenities like golf courses, tennis courses, and multiple pools, an aerial of the entire complex can be very useful.

Drone Photos for real estate

These “Community” aerials can be used as a tool for the overall promotion of the community. They can be used in TV ads, brochures, and web-based marketing assets.

We offer packages that can help the individual as well as community based aerial marketing strategies. Please feel to reach out to us via the form through the link below.

5 Reasons For Aerial Pictures In 2021

Drone photos for real estate

Looking at the photo above you will see that we removed or greyed-out the foliage in the background so that you can keep your eyes focused on the property that is being presented. Additionally, we removed the property next door so that a true perspective of the property.

5 Reasons For Aerial Pictures in 2021

In this photo, we took a tract of land that a seller wanted to sell off in lots. The photo on the left simply shows a piece of land that is cleared and unlabeled. The aerial picture on the right takes the same tract of land and showed the existing house, the road labeled as well as the available lots that are for sale. In marketing, the photo on the right will sell much more real estate than the property on the left. Just another reason for drone photos for real estate.

In the photo above we are promoting a hotel. Now the photo on the left does not offer a very good visual so in this example, even though you can see the hotel, you’ll an additional presentation markers to really show the property in the best light situation.

Here’s another example of one of the 5 ways for aerial pictures in 2021 taking an aerial of a residential lot and putting in the actual dimensions of the property. You see most people love an aerial picture. But, that because of the simple fact that we are visual in nature. No, if you can add in additional visuals as the photo illustrates then you can really have a marketing piece that will really help you drive clicks and views.

To summarize the 5 Reasons For Aerial Pictures in 2021:

Commercial land can be easily viewed without an onsite inspection

Developers can offer a better perspective of available lots

Residential land sellers can show property dimensions for a better marketing advantage.

Resorts and office complexes can “Put-Out” their property amongst other surrounding properties.

Offer a totally different perspective of a property.

There are so many other reasons or ways that you can use property aerials. With our added service where we visually illustrate different looks, it really can make a huge difference in how a photo or group of photos can give you that added BOOST when marketing a property.