How To Drive Business With Better Visuals

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There’s no question that having better visuals can dramatically improve your business. But what does that really mean? ” Better Visuals” Your company visuals can mean anything from business cards to videos. Visual for social media is a huge consideration as well. Recently I had a business associate ask me this very thing. She asked ” Do you really think that I have better pictures, videos, and brochures I would make a difference in my business? Here will illustrate how to drive business with better visuals.

Did I answer with a question, Why not? The conversation quickly moved from better visuals to ” Isn’t my reputation and my review rating so much more important than spending a bunch of money on digital content? Your reputation and your customer satisfaction rating is always going to be the lifeblood of your business. But before you get to that place in the cycle of the transaction, you have to draw your customers or clients In. One sure way of doing this is to drive business with better visuals.

What’s more important Ratings or How to Drive Business with better visuals.

A lot of our clients are either Real Estate agents, or persons selling a piece of property. Prior to listing the property, they will have me come out and take some photos for the Multiple Listing Service. The photos or digital marketing visuals in this case are the home or commercial property. With respect to the real estate agent, the visuals not only represent the property but also show the world that they take the time and expense to market their listings professionally.

Drive more business with Better Visuals

You see, it’s not only about the sale, it’s about the next sale and the sale after that. It’s referrals and reputation.

Let’s say that you own a plumbing business. Sure, you clean pipes and fix clogged drains. Not very glamorous. You have a great reputation but want to grow your business. With that, I mind you’ll need some good ads, as well as buzz. Now you currently have a website with your name and address and a way to reach out if your customers need to. Maybe you offer some advice on de-clogging a drain in an emergency, maybe a tip on how to start stuck disposal.

This is all great! however, do you have great photos of your staff and plumbers on your sie? How about videos explaining how to install a faucet? An introductory video on your company that can be posted on Facebook, Linked In, and other social medial sites. Many of my contacts say that Pinterest is a great place to get additional traffic. I have included a link to a good article on Pinterest marketing. Here it is.

Considered Pinterest

But with any good strategy that requires that you illustrate or show something to your audience, you’ll need good visuals. This will help you drive business with better visuals.

One of the biggest trends in marketing is what we call Lifestyle photography. Lifestyle photography or marketing is simply showing the product or service that you offer in a way where people, pets, or machinery are using the product. Here’s an example, have you ever notice when you are watching a show on TV where people are involved in the activity and they are using a particular brand name product. Or when you are looking for a particular product and an ad doesn’t just show the product it shows people using and enjoying the product.

Drive business with better visuals

One of the ways that you can give your prospective customers a better understanding of what you are offering is to use “Lifestyle” ads and visuals. You might be thinking that will take a lot of coordination to get a great visual of people using your product. It might very well be. However, there may be another option when it comes to this type of marketing. If you are in the food or restaurant business you could get some professional photos of the street, the front of your place of business, and some photos of the surrounding area. (something close by that might be interesting to do before or after they visit your establishment)

Secondly, take a few shots of customers inside your place enjoying themselves. (make sure to get their permission) It’s really that simple. It will take time. If you are good with a camera (not your cell phone) then do this yourself. If you don’t have the time and really want a professionally edited package call a pro

A Simple Video, Can Go Along Way

Next, Video. Video can really be expensive and has some challenges. The biggest question you may have is what will the video be used for. Will it be used for an intro to your business, a promotional ad, or simply something fun to entertain. All of these types of video will help you drive business. It is a fact that video is the number one visual when it comes to marketing.

Sure a picture can say a 1000 words, but a video can speak volumes. One one of the biggest fears that most small business face is the cost. Is this going to cost me a lot of money to produce? Its a definite concern. But what if I told you that you could start with a basic video for under $200 ? Sure this won’t be a Hollywood production, but it will provide your with a lot more value than what you spent. (The ROI will be good)

Here are two examples of videos that were put together for a business and a Realtor. In both of these, we took photos, placed in the music, and added some text. Both of these can be used online, on social and email to clients. Sure to drive more business with better visuals.

A Promotional video for Real Estate Agents

A Fictitious Burger Shop

In Conclusion

These are simply examples of the types of videos that can be produced at a quickly and at a low cost. As a business owner the sky is the limit. It’s a matter of what message are you trying to convey. If you are promoting a product, or a service a video can be produced quickly to get the message out.

Pictures are great tools that can be integrated into videos as well as still pictures that can be used for websites and posts. As you can see, visuals are really important when driving business. Your next step will be to evaluate your goals. Followed by deciding on a budget, and executing a strategy for your business goals. A sure way to drive business with better visuals.

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