3 Tips On How Community Pages Can Help Your Business.

Recently I had a discussion with a local Real Estate professional and the subject of Community Pages came up. It got me to start thinking. Would or could a community page help a local business or realtor drive more business. There has been so much written on the value of social media on your business. I get that, but after so many years of the social media push, I’m still not entirely sold on the value of social media.

Community Pages

Anyone that can fog a mirror knows that social media had destroyed the lives of many good persons. Social media has gotten into our right to free speech and now recently it has gone so far as to squash stories of politicians that may or may not be corrupt. But isn’t that for the public to decide. This article isn’t about big tech. We are going to investigate the benefits of what I would call inside out marketing.

Face Book Isn’t The Only Option

You heard it first right here. Now there are many community pages out there. Most of them ride on the Facebook platform. They allow comments about all subjects good and bad. “It’s All Good” But what I’m proposing is something a little different. With social media and “Groups” you are building out into the social spere in an attempt to get traffic back to your business or service.

And here’s the “What If” you could build a community page that took you into the community. Other words. you want to build a page that encompasses all the businesses in your local neighborhood. So many community pages are developed in mind to drive the owner of the page’s interest, not the community as a whole. In the days of business networking. The idea is that you put together a page that effectively supports all the participants on the page. I know that many Facebook community pages proclaim to do that. But are they working towards a common goal?

I was recently watching some football, as I usually do when I get the chance, I saw an ad that directly encouraging that we all go out and support local. It looks like an ad that a group of local businesses would put together collectively. This is what I’m professing.

Community Pages, It’s Networking At Another Level

In a networking group, it’s simply that. You share your leads with me and I share my leads with you. Envision a page where promotions and cross-promotions are displayed so that all the businesses that contribute get leads. Now, the concept can get a little tricky because in every town there are more than one plumber, one restaurant, and one realtor. This is where a great “Page Manager” comes into play. The person that started the page will need to determine how far they want to take it.

That brings me to the all-important question… How do you start a Community / Networking page? Well, it’s really not that difficult. You might want to first do a little research. What makes your town special. Are there any attractions or historical landmarks? This important because when it comes to getting noticed and searched online you’ll get better traffic when visitors are looking for things to do and see in your community. Number two, get professional photos of all the participating businesses. Get a community video produced. Maybe some aerial pictures.

Go Out And Interview Some Local Businesses

Next you’ll want to go out and interview those perspective business owner(s) that would want to participate. Recently GoDaddy has been reaching out to photographers to go out and interview local businesses in an effort to help promote the ” Local” owner.

Lastly, once you have completed the photos, interviews, you’ll want to build the page. By now most of us know that WordPress is the best platform for blogs and community pages. Or you could a community page builder here You’ll want to develop strategies that will help promote the members of the page. There are so many ways you could take your community page. Keep the mind. you are looking to drive traffic to your page and fellow business owners’ place of work.

I look forward to hearing your opinions and comments. Your ideas are important. As the concept evolves, and we share ideas, our community pages will get better and more productive. Hey reach out if you are in the Tampa Bay area I would be happy to discuss our services and how we can help you build your page.

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