Blue Sky’s Can Dramatically Improve Property Views

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Blue Sky’s can dramatically improve property views. What do I mean by that? Well have you ever looked at a property listing and the exterior of the property just didn’t have the WOW FACTOR? It’s a very common occurrence. With a nice BLUE SKY the perspective can change considerably.

During a time when no one wants you inside a house and no one really wants to go into a house, A Blue Sky effect can really help you get more property views. When I talk with agents in my area they say that buyers are looking, just not making a decision to ” Pull The Trigger” on the home of their dreams.

Here’s one of the things that I have observed during this time. Those that are looking are saving the properties in their favorites more than ever. I would venture to say that once the virus scare settles down buyers will go back to looking and getting more serious about the buying process.

Here’s My Number One Suggestion For Staying at the Top Of The Buyer’s List.

Get some BLUE SKY’s That’s easier said than done. What if the very day that you took your photos it was overcast and dreary? You can’t always pick the best possible day for photos. If your are our neighbors to the north of us (outside Florida) you may not have very many sunny says.

Now what if I could show you how to take that dull exterior photo and turn it into a BLUE SKY Home? Well we can. Take a look at the before and after photos of a few of our BLUE SKY properties. I’m sure you will see a dramatic difference in how a property looks.

Now hopefully I have your attention. If you can’t show property, the next best thing is to create a funnel of buyers that are looking to buy in the near future. If the property doesn’t stand out, when things improve your listing will be long forgotten.

If you are a for sale by owner, this is a great way to get your home noticed.

So how much does this cost? Let me first say that the National Association Of Realtors did a recent survey that indicated the homes with excellent exterior photos, or exteriors with the WOW factor are 85% more likely to click on the listing with a blue sky. Do not let your buyer escape!

So for all of my Nature Coast Property Sellers. We are running a BLUE SKY SPECIAL. 2 Exterior Pics, 1 front and 1 back for $ $49.99 Call or send me an email for scheduling.

Final thoughts. No one has to go in the property, you get more exposure to your property and you are building a potential pool of buyers when things settle down.

We look forward to helping you market your property in a SAFE and SOCIALLY CONSCIENCE WAY.

Best Regards,

John A Jones

Image Streets Photography

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