8 Tips On How To Sell Your Property On Your Own.

Learn 8 solid tips that will help you sell your property on your own. Without Listing It With A Realtor. For decades people have been buying and selling real estate without the help of any real estate professionals.

Many of these transactions were completed with the help of a Real Estate Attorney and or a Title company. For most of the general public, I would venture to say that this would not be on their top list of things to do. As a former Real Estate professional myself, I would agree that selling a property can be a lot of work. However, with that being said I would also say that there is an opportunity to save a boat-load of money. For example, an average house in the Spring Hill Florida area is around $174,900 according to Realtor.com with that in mind the average cost to sell a property in Spring Hill Florida (the average property) is 6% or $10,494.

This is no small amount of money. It will always be up to you whether or not you believe that there is value is using the services of Real Estate Professional or not. After reading and going thru the 10 steps to selling a property on your own, I am confident that you will have a much better idea as to whether or not you are up to the task. With that let’s get started.

Tip Number One De-Clutter

Yes, de-clutter. If that’s even a real word. You know what I mean. Pick up all the items that are around your house that make your property look un-kept or disorganized. For example, if you have an area where everyone drops their shoes and jackets, organize that area so that when prospective buyers look at the home they walk into an area that is neat and tidy. Put all the bicycles and scooters away. Place all the lawn and gardening tools in the shed or garage. All of this can be an inconvenience but in the long run, it will ensure you get maximum showings and a quicker sale. Additionally, you’ll need to de-clutter so that when you put together your pics and tours your home will be well prepared for presentation. We will talk more about photography in one of our future steps.

Tip Number Two– Make Minor Improvements

Take care of any minor improvements. Hopefully, you noticed that I said minor improvements. Unless you are fixing and flipping, don’t make expenditures that will not offer a net sum gain.

Another word, putting in fancier fixtures that cost $200-$300 per sink probably won’t affect how quickly the home sells. Sure you can put that in the property description, but in the end, the buyer may or may not like your choice and replace them anyway. For minor repairs such as painting and lawn presence, these are items that can help you get maximum exposure and activity. One of the most interesting areas of your home is the front door. Yep, the front door.

A simple clean and paint can make a huge difference in the number of potential buyers that will be willing to set an appointment to see the inside. Planting some new plants and keeping that lawn as green as possible will go miles as well. Bottom line keeps it simple but makes it fresh. Do the repairs that make your home look fresh and crisp. Additionally, when you take your photos, this will shine thru. ( It will make a difference)

Tip Number Three- Take Some High-Quality Photos, a Video, and maybe an Aerial Shot

This is an area that even Real Estate Professionals get it wrong. With all the “ Great” camera options that are available on our cell phones, most real estate professions feel that a few clicks with a cell phone is adequate especially if the property is on the average to the lower end of the market. I get it. Photographers are expensive. However,

Realtor’s are even more expensive. In our initial example an average commission in Spring Hill Florida is around $11,000 whereas an average photography package may run $ 150-$300 ( We run a weekend package for $99) Pictures taken with a wide-angle lens on an inexpensive DSLR (digital camera) camera will be far superior to those that are taken with a cell phone camera.

In my experience, the issue is that the lighting of property interiors can be tricky and most if not all cell phones don’t adjust for that. Now for the exterior, I would say that I have seen some very good photos taken with the cell phone. Consider a Walk-thru video. Now, this can be done with a good camera that’s on your cell phone. Many of the phones today do take fairly decent video.

We see it all the time on Youtube and other social media sites. However, if you have a digital camera always hedge your bets and go with the best quality you have available.

Aerial photography is another area that can help your property stand out. If you are in a pretty basic neighborhood it may not be worth the expense. But if you are on the waterfront, lake or large tract of land, aerial will really boost your views.

In today’s Real Estate market, “ The Digital Real Estate Market” The National Association Of Realtors states that over 90% of all real estate transactions start online. Buyers go online and simply put, get their pre-shopping done there.

The typical buyer used a mobile device to search for properties online. S/he looked at websites with photos, home listings, and information about the home buying process. S/he then contacted an agent and visited a median of 10 homes over 10 weeks again in 2018 before purchasing a home. 99% of Millennials search on online websites compared to 89% of Older Boomers and 77% of the Silent Generation. ( National Association of Realtors)

If you have a Realtor that list your property and then whips out the cell phone for pics, get a different Realtor. I’m not saying this because I’m a photographer, I’m saying it because your property deserves it. We could go on and on with the stats and how today’s buyer finds their next home. Simply put “ Get some Good Photos” Moving On…

Tip Number Four- Write A Great Property Description

Now I know that most us go into shock thinking that that may have to write something. However, I have some good news. It’s really not that difficult. Make a list of all the high points of the property and craft that into a simple paragraph that paints a picture of your property.

If you are having trouble, go to Zillow.com or Realtor.com and look at some of the property listings in your area. This will give you a good idea of how a property description should go. You can also search for all the top Realtor’s in your area and look at their listings. Writing a great property description will go a long way to get activity on your home.

If you are listing vacant land it may be a little more difficult to describe. However, writing about all the possibilities and painting a picture of what the vacant land could be used for, is a good way to help buyers get a vision of the future.

Tip Number Five-Determine the Selling Price

This will probably be your biggest challenge. Here’s why. You are emotionally attached to the property. Whether you have lived in the property for several years, or it’s a fix and flip.

You have memories in the home. You raised your family, or you have raised in the home yourself. You may have bought the home to fix up and sell for a profit. Either way, you have a lot of time invested in the home and it’s hard to let go.

Pricing your home shouldn’t be difficult. You have several options to get to fair market value. Number one, almost all local Real Estate agents will provide you with a free market evaluation of your home. Be careful here. A Realtor may have a tendency to give you a higher than market value number in hopes that they win favor with you to get the listing. As long as they can illustrate the comparable sales in your area, you are probably in good shape.

Secondly, get an appraisal. An appraisal is an unbiased opinion of the value. Keep in mind that the appraisal will cost you money. The cost of an appraisal in Spring Hill Florida will vary so shop around. Lastly, DIY “ Do It Yourself” Zillow and Realtor.com provide sales information. You can simply do your own research based on the information you can find on a number of real estate sites.

With any of these three methods, it’s still an art versus science approach. However, there is probably more than the science involved. Part of the process in knowing the market from the inside. (This is where a professional can help) This doesn’t mean that you can’t sell yourself. It simply means that it will take some effort and work.

So let’s recap up to now

  1. Declutter
  2. Make Minor Improvements and or Repairs
  3. Write a Description
  4. Take some high-quality pics
  5. Set a price

Tip Number Six: Marketing

The fun stuff. So we have a great property description, we have taken care of all the minor repairs, we have set our price, and have our quality pics ready to go. So what’s next? Getting exposure. When it comes to Real Estate, it’s about exposure. We have already discussed that having high-quality images as well as a price point that’s comparable with other properties in your area is really important.

This is the baseline for getting the process started. You are probably asking yourself “ What resources are available to a person selling as a for sale by owner in Spring Hill Florida that would help me get that exposure?” Believe it or not, there are several ways that you get the views you’ll need to sell your property.

MLS Craigslist.org Facebook Zillow.com Realtor.com Yes, any of these resources are available to you as an FSBO ( for sale by owner) The MLS or multiple listing service will allow you to list your property under a flat fee arrangement. The fees do vary, but for the most part, you are looking at a cost of $ 57 to $300 depending upon what services you select.

With the flat fee with the MLS, you will need to decide what commission amount you will be willing to pay the Buyers agent in the event an outside agent brings you the buyer. Of course, if you find your own buyer, you’ll save that amount as well. Many local agents offer this service. Or simply go online and you’ll find plenty of providers.

Craigslist is a great place to advertise your property. You’ll need to update your ad on a regular basis due to the way Craigslist rotates the ads. Back to the photos post your high-quality photography ( you will get views)

Facebook is on our list of places to advertise, or simply post your property with a great description. You can pay for an ad. For as little as a dollar a day you can get a lot of exposure. If you have a lot of FB friends you may find someone within your group that has an interest in your home.

Be aware that when people consider you a “ Friend” they will always want “ The Deal” So keep that in mind when posting to friends on FB. You can also list on Zillow.com and Realtor.com as a For Sale By Owner ( FSBO) On Zillow go to post a home for sale, then post for sale by owner.

Bonus Tip: You can Post a Video on Zillow as well.

Realtor.com Pretty much the same process. List a For Sale By Owner, post your pictures and you are off and running. With any of the above listing platforms, I would say that you should consider using a combination of all of the above. Keep in mind that you will get calls from Local agents wanting you to list your home with them.

That’s ok.. That’s their business and this should be expected/ If you find an agent that’s really helpful and wants to provide you with a lot of help without being overly aggressive, if you decide that selling as an FSBO is to work, at least you’ll have someone that you can trust to help you to the finish line.

Tip Number Seven: Signs and Flyers

This should be easy enough. Order a high-quality yard sign that can be seen from a distance. If you go to your local home improvement store you will end up with a sign that will not be easily seen and could ensure you lose a potential prospect. “ Get a good Sign” In a previous step we talked about photos.

Use said photos to create a nice flyer of interior pics and special features that the property may have. You can hand these out during open houses, or when you have a showing. So there you have it… 8 Tips on selling your property on your own. Whether you are in Spring Hill Florida or anywhere else in the US these are the basics of ensuring that you get your property sold as quick as possible and with minimal frustration. Stay tuned for more tips. Remember, we are more than happy to provide you with 22 Quality Pics for only $99

Tip Number Eight: Get an Attorney

Yes, I said it. Find a local Real Estate attorney that can help you with the contract details. Contracts can be very tricky when it comes to real estate law. There are disclosures that have to be made, inspections, surveys, and a boatload more.

I could go on for days about the experiences that I had during the ’80s when I was an agent. It can get really stick and cause a bunch of heartaches. In today’s highly regulated field of property sales, there are certain inspections that have to be made in order for a home to transfer.

I won’t even get into large tracts of land and how the environmental protection agencies can dramatically restrict the transferring of property. There’s special use, zoning, and the protection of endangered animals. ( I digress)

You will also want an attorney that can CLOSE the transaction and ensure that all documents are properly prepared. Depending upon what type of loan your buyer obtains will directly impact how many inspections and expenses will be required from you as the seller. ( Different Loans require or could require you pay certain fees associated with the transaction) So we have covered a lot of ground.

But in reality, we could write an entire book on how to sell a property. And many have been written. Many have been written from the perspective of the Real Estate Broker. Which will have you terrified at the thought of selling your home, land or apartment building on your own. With good, I would guess. There is a lot to do over the course of the transaction that most consumers are unaware of.

It’s easy to set back and say that Realtor’s make a lot of money to sell Real Estate. ( That’s Fine) When you go out to eat and tip the person bring you food 20% you never consider that’ “ That’s a lot of money” just to bring you your food and fill your coffee cup.

With that being said I would like to summarize, YOU CAN SELL YOUR HOME ON YOUR OWN. It will be a lot of work and you will save thousands. Just remember,

  1. Declutter
  2. Make Minor Repairs
  3. Property Description
  4. Take Great Photos, A Video, and Aerials ( if needed)
  5. Order Signs and Flyers
  6. Set your price – (market research)
  7. Marketing (Post on all major sites)
  8. Hire an Attorney

So there you have it… 8 Tips on selling your property on your own. Whether you are in Spring Hill Florida or anywhere else in the US these are the basics of ensuring that you get your property sold as quick as possible and with minimal frustration.

Stay tuned for more tips. Remember, we are more than happy to point in the direction of a photographer in your area that can assist you. If you are in Northwest Florida, Please Give Us The Opportunity To Help.

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