7 Things To Do In Crystal River Florida

7 things to do in Crystal River Florida

Looking For Things To Do In Crystal River Florida? Well here’s 7 things to do in Crystal River Florida that will certainly offer you a great time. Before we do that, let’s look at the history of Crystal River Florida.

Crystal River is a coastal city in western Florida. Kings Bay, which is fed by springs, is home to the Crystal River National Wildlife Refuge, sheltering manatees year-round. Boardwalks at Three Sisters Springs Wildlife Refuge offer views of the marine mammal and the natural springs. Northwest is Crystal River Archaeological State Park, with remains of an early Native American settlement, including ceremonial mounds. ― Google

I have visited this area on several occasions and if you like to get outside and observe nature then this is the place to be. We 2020 being the year of the lockdown and so many people getting confined to a home or apartment this is a great place to get away. Especially if you live within 100 miles. You can make it a day trip with a real opportunity to get outside.

Let’s face it. In the coming months and probably years, the indoor event venue will probably DIE. After what we have all been through, it’s hard to believe that anyone would want to get couped-up with other individuals that we don’t know so that we can be entertained. Hey, maybe Drive-In movies will make a comeback.

Onward to 7 things to do in Crystal River Florida.

Why did I choose 7 things to do in Crystal River Florida? Who knows, seven is a lucky number. I am sure that there is much more to do than that. But here we go.

Meet a Manatee- One of the most popular things to do in Crystal River is Meet A Manatee. 

In March 2015, the State of Florida’s aeronautical study discovered 6,063 manatees in Florida waters. Of those, more than 1,000 manatees—completely one-6th of the state’s whole populace of manatees–was found here in the springs of Florida’s Citrus County.

Why endless manatees? Our epic springs, taken care of by the Florida spring, are the regular decision for manatees to look for warm water cover when temperatures in Florida waters fall under 65 degrees (18C). In waters that chilly, manatees can encounter cold pressure and even hypothermia. Springs are the normal shielding decision for manatees since the springs have a consistent temperature of 72 to 74 degrees (22-23C)

Gem River’s Kings Bay has more than 70 springs taking care of out in excess of 600 million gallons (2.25B Liters) of water a day. It’s a first extent Florida springs complex. Homosassa Spring, a subsequent greatness spring, produces more than 50 million gallons and is the wellspring of the Homosassa River. Close by, the Chassahowitzka River is likewise spotted with springs.

Where there are loads of springs, there are bunches of manatees. Indeed, even in summer, when the water is a lot hotter, we actually have many manatees here to see – which makes it an ideal spot to swim along with site the manatees and appreciate the visits.

Number Two

The perfect place to paddle around. You’ve shown up in Florida’s rowing heaven. It’s beginning and end that is still wild in Florida–a twisted universe of seven waterways, perfectly clear springs, open narrows, and freshwater lakes that go on for eternity. From the Chassahowitzka River and the mangrove islands of the Saint Martins Marsh Aquatic Preserve to the vast waters of the Tsala Apopka Lakes followed by the mind-blowing Withlacoochee River. Anyplace you go, a kayak, paddleboard, or kayak is consistently prepared for dispatch and momentous encounters anticipate. With slow-moving rivers, it’s perfect for the beginner as well as the seasoned pro.

Number Three

Three words state it all: “Top notch Fishing.” Whether you long for the remote ocean seaward or saltwater pads inshore, Crystal River and Homosassa are adored for a portion of Florida’s best saltwater sport fishing. Inland, the thirty-mile long Tsala Apopka Chain of Lakes gives one of Florida’s top freshwater fishing spots. It’s the best of the two universes.

Our aides follow their heredity back for ages to the establishing of the Homosassa Guides Association and the Atlanta Fishing Club in the nineteenth century. All you require to bring is your obsession for fishing. We’ll deal with the rest. Personally, the Nature Coast offers some of the best fishing around. Even those of us that are home to Florida need to take a trip up from Tampa or down south and see what all the fuss is about.

More of 7 things to do in Crystal River Florida

Number Four

Visit the beaches and parks. Stronghold Island Gulf Beach incorporates a sandy seashore, a fishing, and touring wharf, a footpath associating with the seashore and the dock, and a boat incline. The site incorporates washrooms, outside showers, covered outdoor tables, and a green zone on the south side of the seashore. The Citrus County Boat Ramp here is Free. This dispatch site furnishes the boater with admittance to the Gulf of Mexico and the Crystal River.

Number Five

Visit The Springs, Nothing Like It.

Florida’s Nature Coast marvel, like no other. “Is it genuine or am I dreaming?” The idea will enter your thoughts more than once when you first observe one of Florida’s mind-blowing normal springs. Segments of daylight reflect off of shimmering multitudes of fish and manatees in an unfathomably straightforward topaz climate that opposes the creative mind.

The names here are incredible: Three Sisters Springs, Homosassa Springs, Seven Sisters Springs, and the seventy springs of Kings Bay. “Nothing I had been told set me up for what I saw,” composed Florida’s preeminent naturalist Archie Carr when he initially observed Homosassa Springs in the 1950s. If at any point there was a Fountain of Youth, this should be the spot.

Plan to be thrilled

Let’s keep moving on the 7 things to do in Crystal River Florida.

Number Six

World Wildlife Fund calls it One of the 10 Coolest Places You’ve Never Been in North America. The Withlacoochee State Forest is Florida’s third-biggest state woodland with a huge number of sections of land of trails, territory, and caverns to investigate. Also, that is just the beginning.

The Crystal River Preserve State Park ranges more than a large number of sections of land of coastline while the Withlacoochee River Preserves meander through the mind-boggling overly complex universe of the freshwater Tsala Apopka Chain of Lakes. Wild has the ability to renew and open immense skylines within. Here is a portion of the extraordinary areas to hike in the Crystal River Florida region.


So investigate!

And Finally the last of the 7 Things To Do In Crystal River Florida

Historical Sites, What’s the most noteworthy point in Crystal River? It’s a sanctuary hill sitting above Crystal River that was worked by Native Americans 1,000 years back before Europeans ever shown up in the Americas. Gem River Archeological State Park is one of the numerous fortunes denoting the rich social embroidery of this area of Florida and the United States.

Other significant verifiable destinations remember Fort Cooper State Park for Inverness—denoting a significant fight in the Second Seminole War–and the Yulee Sugar Mill Ruins in Homosassa, the focal point of a once tremendous sugar ranch in the period previously and during the American Civil War.

One of the places that we discovered was the old Sugar Mill. Here are a couple photos that were taken of the mill. The Sugar Mil has historical meaning and should be observed.

The recreation center contains leftovers of the once-flourishing 5,100-section of land sugar ranch: a 40-foot limestone brickwork fireplace, iron cog wheels, and a stick press. The steam-driven factory worked from 1851 to 1864 and filled in as a provider of sugar items for Southern soldiers during the Civil War.

The recreation center is situated in the humble community of Homosassa, around 3 miles west of the city of Homosassa Springs. Take U.S. Roadway 19 (northward or southward) to the town of Homosassa Springs, at that point turn west onto County Road 490 West (Yulee Drive). Continue for 2.5 miles to the recreation center. There are earthy colored and white thruway signs that will lead you to the recreation center. The remnants of the plant are arranged inside five feet of the street and can be effectively observed. The site offers an excursion structure, bathrooms, tables for picnicking, and flame broils.

Well there you have it 7 Things To Do In Crystal River Florida. I hope that you will find more than 7 things to do in crystal river Florida. I have spent many hours and days in this area. I truly like telling my friends about the Nature Coast and want them to enjoy it. But, on the other hand, I hope that it doesn’t become like every other part of the state. Overpopulated and overrun. But for now, it’s a great place to enjoy nature at its best. Even though we are a real estate photography company we always add Nature and landscape shots to our gallery

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