5 Types Of Photos You Need For A Vacation Rental.

5 Types of photos for vacation rentals

Why should have great photos for your vacation rental? We will discuss 5 types of photos you need for a vacation rental. Well, it’s pretty logical. When people are looking for a place to go and stay they are going to want to have a really good idea of what the property and the surrounding area look like. With COVID and all the lockdowns, You better be prepared to gain the attention of that would be guest immediately. There are 5 types of photos you need for a vacation rental.

Here are the 5 types of photos you need for a vacation rental.

Interior, Exterior, Pool, Waterfront (if applicable) The view and Aerial. I will discuss all of these in detail. Some or all of the will intersect. What I mean is that if your vacation rental is not on the water but you are within a drivable distance to the water then you should try to get an aerial of the property.

Okay, let’s start by talking about the interior space. It is important to get really good interior photos of all the rooms especially the living and kitchen areas. If a family is renting your property on a short-term basis then they are probably;y going to want to use the kitchen area, otherwise why not just rent a room somewhere? ” Just saying”. Most vacationers don’t spend their time in the bedroom (unless they are newlyweds) even they come out and enjoy the property.

Therefore get some really good clean photos of the kitchen area, the Livingroom the entertainment area the fireplace if you have one. Now, if you are the owner of a mountain retreat by all means focus on the living room and the fireplace. So far everything here is simple common sense. But, I see it all the time. A vacation rental advertised with 2-3 pics. Hello! Are you kidding me?

5 types of photos you need for a vacation rental

I think you get the picture, no pun intended. Next to the exterior of the property. OMG if I see one more bad exterior photo of a vacation rental I will scream. Let’s face folks the exterior is ever as important if not more than the interior. Take pictures of the entire property. Get your guest a really good idea of what they are going to by driving up to. If there is a poll, take photos of the outside and inside of the pool area. If there are other amenities like tennis courts etc., take a couple of photos. You get my drift.

Waterfront. If you offer a vacation rental that is within a short drive to your property or out the back door, get as many high-quality photos as possible. This is what sells those visitors in the north and Europe. They are coming to enjoy the sunshine. If your property is a mountain retreat then by all means get a mountain view shot. This is where the Drone or aerial photography comes in.

It’s not that expensive to get aerial shots of a property. Now there may be some restrictions based on your location. But, other than that it’s a must-have when promoting vacation rentals.

5 types of photos you need for a vacation rental

Now the fun part. Me telling you or strongly encourage you to get these photos done right away. However, HOLD THAT THOUGHT! If you have a vacation rental that you rent in the summer, don’t take winter or fall pictures. Come On Man! If you are reading this post and this applies to you right now, I have a solution that you’ll love. You simply change the sky in all your pics so that they better represent the time of the year. However, I can’t do anything about snow ( i can but that’s for another post)

Now there are probably more than 5 types of photos you need for a vacation rental But these were the main ones. Go out to the Airbnb site there’s plenty of examples of great property photos AIRBNB.COM

Think about these very facts by LODGIFY.COM Good quality photos are as equally important as the listing description and are make or break booking opportunities. The photos you upload of your property and its surrounding area are the most basic element that helps persuade guests your home is right for them. Jan 24, 2020

5 types of photos for vacation rentals

If you do not take the photos yourself, or the preferred method, have a professional assist you then you are leaving bookings and money on the table. Enough said Get some great photos of your rental as soon as possible. If you need professional help, complete the form below. Or Click Here

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