5 Things To Know About Bayport

5 Things To Know About Bayport

History runs through our state like none others. Sure Florida seems like a transient state where people come and go. But make no mistake at every corner you will find the nation’s history with many roots here in Florida. Here are 5 Things to Know About Bayport

5 Things To Know About Bayport

On August 12, 1852, Thomas Henry Parsons (age 30 in Cedar Key in the 1850 census) purchased the property in what would become Bayport. Parsons was a nephew to Maj. John D. Parsons (1816-1888), who later became a major property owner in Bayport. John Parsons is a merchant in the Annuttaliga Settlement in Benton (Hernando) County in the 1850 census. His home became the Bayport Hotel.

On Jan. 7, 1853, a joint resolution of the Florida legislature relating to the establishment of a port of entry at Bayport was received by the U. S. House of Representatives.

In 1854 a post office was established at Bay Port (the town is spelled Bay Port in official lists of post offices from 1855 and 1859, but was usually spelled Bayport on maps during this period).

The name Bayport appeared in the New York Times on Oct. 7, 1854, in a report which stated that the schooner General Worth, from New York, bound for Bayport, Florida, put into the port of Norfolk with the loss of spars, sails, and rigging.

On Feb. 26, 1925, the Tampa Morning Tribune reported, “Sale of the entire townsite of Bayport and 17,500 acres of the Turner tract adjoining the Bayport site, for a little less than a half-million dollars, to William Richmond, of Sharpstown, N. J., and associates, by W. T. McGowan, of the McGowan Investment Company of Tampa, was announced last night by Mr. McGowan. … The Bayport site was owned originally by Maj. John Parsons. Since his death, it has been owned by his nephews, W. D. and Fred Parsons, from whom it was purchased by S. Whitehurst and bought by Mr. McGowan.

5 things to know about Bayport and one additional fun fact

Civil War Port And Battle Site

During the Civil War, larger ports along the Gulf coast were blockaded and small rivers such as the Weeki Wachee became important trade routes. Union forces intercepted several blockade runners near Bayport and skirmishes took place between Union troops and Confederate forces. On April 3, 1863, the Union Navy launched a surprise attack on Bayport, resulting in a sharp action with Confederate forces known as the Battle of Bayport. A year later, the Brooksville Raid ended with the escape of Union soldiers aboard their ship docked at Bayport. 1, 2 For more on Bayport I Hope the 5 things to know about Bayport was interesting Now the shameless plug

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