5 Reasons You Just Need Photo Edits

5 reasons that you just need photo edits. Many times you may just need photo edits. Your photos are ” Good Enough” Good enough for the Multiple listing service, and good enough for the seller. One of the things that we see is that a lot of sellers and or their agents don’t want to spend the money on pictures. Or the property may be on the lower end and the expense may not be warranted.

Let’s face it bad photos are simply bad photos. There is nothing we can do about that. However, if you have taken some decent photos and maybe the photos are under or overexposed then an editing service may be an excellent option.

We are going to start with the obvious. Out of focus photos can not be corrected. Unfortunately, there’s nothing we can do. However, in the photo below, I am going to try to illustrate one additional item of concern that I see on a regular basis. It’s called In photographydistortion is generally referred to as an optical aberration that deforms and bends physically straight lines and makes them appear curvy in images, which is why such distortion is also commonly referred to as “curvilinear”

These lines of distortion can make a wall look warped and a building lopsided. Here’s an example of what we are talking about.

Here’s a home that had some exterior editing that helped bring out more of the highlights of the property’s features.

5 Reasons you just need photo edits.

Let’s say that you have a property that simply needs a better exterior shot. Maybe on the day that you took your photos it was a cloudy day. Your listing is on the water and you really want to present the property as a lifestyle property. For a small editing charge you can have a blue sky put into the photo to give you that sunshine or sunset look that will bringout the ” Lifestyle” you are looking for.

Another area that many sellers may find important is in the area of showing the property as furnished or unfurnished. There are many property management firms that have vacant properties that may need the services of a stager. Staging has changed over the years and can include furniture brought in or, a virtual staging. It’s really a preference of whether you believe that you need physical furnishings in order to sell the property or the virtual will get you the views and inquiries that you need.

In most cases, I would say that if you are a builder and have prospects coming into your showroom or model center, go with the physical. If you are selling online, go with the virtual. However, there is a wide range of editing services that can help you in this area. the prices range from $30-$90 per photo or room.

5 Reason You Just Need Photo Edits.

In some cases, you may run into a situation where there are items in the driveway or even in a room. These items can be distracting when marketing a property. Additionally, a clean look at a room or yard always makes for a better impression. One of the complaints that I hear is that it’s not an actual depiction of the property. I would disagree. The car or boat that’s in the front yard will not be there upon closing, neither will the family room that’s full of clutter. You will also be able to help the potential buyer get a better perspective of the room size.

There are other simple tweaks that you can make or have someone make for you so that you can reduce cost and create a better presentation for your property. Here’s an additional resource that may help you.

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