5 Reasons To Have a Digital Marketing Strategy For Property Sellers

Using digital to improve your real estate sales.

Sitting here with my Real Estate friend wondering why more Realtors don’t have more than one or two Real Estate Marketing Strategies?

So I did some research and I found that most Realtors don’t have all the information they need to diversify the marketing strategies to a point where they can generate prospects and close more deals. Let’s look into this and see what we can do about it.

What are the benefits of a Real Estate Marketing Strategy?

It goes without saying that a solid marketing strategy will go a long way in ensuring that you have a successful real estate career. The benefits of putting together a strategy that combines paid advertising, social media, and SEO is you’ll have a solid foundation that you can depend on bringing you prospects in hot markets as well as cold markets. In my experience where I work 10 years in what I would have called a very cold market, we were able to survive using hard “Cold Calling” techniques and a lot of creative financing. (I digress)

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However, my rambling has a point. The point is that with a solid strategy you will be able to survive when things slow down and get tough. Those of us that have been around looking enough know that ‘Hot Markets” don’t last forever.

Secondly, A solid Real Estate Marketing Strategy will help you fight off the competition. It’s easy to go to a seller and say “I can do this and I’ll do that” but to be able to back that up with facts goes a long way to help you maintain a stronghold on your market.

Why do I need more than one Real Estate Marketing Strategy?

Well, have you ever heard the saying” don’t put all your money in one basket ?” that goes for marketing as well. It’s really quite simple. Not everyone looks for products and services in the same way. Many buyers and sellers will go online and pick the first Realtor that pops up. That’s great if you are on the first page of Google. But if you’re not you lose.

Some people will take the word of a Facebook friend over any other method of finding the right agent for themselves. And there’s the Old school crowd that will gravitate towards print. i.e postcards, mailers and “The Shopper”. You see there are multiple ways that prospective clients like to shop for professional services. If you are not covering your bases, you lose.

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When is multiple strategy approach needed?

Let me be the bearer of great news… Multiple strategies need to be used on every single marketing campaign. If not, what’s the point. Seriously, WHAT” S THE POINT. When you take on a client on a $150,000 property they should get the same treatment as the client that has a Million Dollar property that they would like for you to market. Now, maybe not to the same extent. But treating all your clients to the same marketing expertise is a sure path to ultimate success. Let’s explain, the owner of the $150,000 property probably knows someone with a $500,000 -$1,000,000 piece of property. When they tell them what a fantastic job you did for them they will be thinking WOW! If John’s Realtor did all that for him on his little $150,000 property, I wonder what he would do for us. It’s psychological my friends. The only way to get to the Million dollar properties is to do what’s right on the smaller properties. This goes for your buyers as well. Treat them all the same and the money and exposure will follow.

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How do I execute multiple marketing strategies?

As I sat here at my desk writing this post I began to think of the many conversations that I’ve had throughout the years with other business people on this very subject. In the corporate world, you get bombarded with strategy sessions and meaningless meetings. You would have a meeting or conference call regarding a new strategy. Then over the next several weeks, there would be another half dozens of meetings about how to execute said ideas. Finally, after 6 months to a year, you would get the go-ahead. In the meantime you would get a new department head that didn’t care for the new strategy, (because it wasn’t his or her idea) then you would start all over again.

Maybe a little exaggerated, but not by much. My point here is… pick 3 areas that you would like to focus on. Blogging, Facebook Ads, and Postcards. Blogging will help drive traffic for long term growth of your business. Ads will drive immediate traffic and postcards or print offer prospective clients something tangible.

You can always start your digital strategy next month.

It’s a long and painful process. Trust me I know. Executing any plan can be stressful. Think back to a time when you wanted to get into better shape. You had a plan. When wanted to take that long vacation, you had a plan. When needed to help your children get through college, hopefully, you had a plan. Think back when you told yourself, I’m getting out of the 9 to 5 and going into the Real Estate business, YOU HAD A PLAN. And you executed your plan and carried it out. If not you probably wouldn’t be reading this now.

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In a future post, we will breakdown five strategies and give you a step by step process so that you can easily put them into action on a day to day basis.

Summarize: Everyone wants to have success in their business. I don’t meet many professionals that say” hey john I really would rather fail”. For long term success to take effect, you need to have a Marketing Strategy that has sustainability as well as consistency. Using a multi-point strategy can do exactly that. But once you decide what 305 techniques you want to employ, EXECUTE.

As always we look forward to your comments and suggestions. We are all in this together.

Continued Success!

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