5 Reasons To Consider Video With Your Next Listing

Everyone has heard that video is something they need to be taking advantage of, and if you’re not, you’re missing out on business. But what most people don’t tell you is why you should be using video.

Why do you need to use it as a real estate agent? Why is it so important? Why and how does it help you sell more homes? I’ll help answer those questions in four informative facts about why video is so important in any real estate campaign. The following are solid reasons to begin using more video in your real estate presentations.

Video is Everywhere
Video is Everywhere

One of the most asked questions is, “Why do I need to use video when I have photos and a slideshow already?” Although photos and slideshows are great, they only reach your viewer on one level, which is sight. Photos and slideshows only allow your viewer to see the property, but video hits them with sight, sound, and emotion.

Real estate videos allow you to tell the viewer about the property (through a voice-over), see the property (through photos and video footage) and connect with them emotionally through music. If your videos contain all three aspects your viewer is being triggered by three forces at the same time, forming a psychological connection with your property—and even with you as an agent


Most agents avoid videos because they think it will require extra time that they don’t have, but in reality, it could take just a few minutes. Real estate videos can be done with photos you already have of the property. Most real estate video companies can work with materials (photos or video footage you took) you already have on each listing and add on-screen text, music, voice-overs, and your logos.

There is almost no extra work needed on your part if you hire a real estate video company. However if you under the time it takes to learn editing and technique may motivate you to engage the services a professional to assist you. You would be surprised at the affordability of video. Image Streets offers a package that combines stills, video and walk through’s at a very affordable price.

Tell a Story
Tell a Story


Calls to action are some of the most important parts of a video. Recently, we have been testing calls to action (via voice-overs) at the end of our videos to get more website visits, Facebook Likes, and comments on our YouTube videos, and we’ve seen an increase in all three by almost 400 percent. At the end of your real estate videos, you can tell the viewers to call you, visit your website, see your other listings,

Book an appointment to see the property, and more. Additionally, when you tell someone to do something in a video they are much more likely to do it than if it was written on your website or not said at all. By creating a sense of urgency you will see an even larger increase in viewers following your calls to action. For example, instead of saying, “Call me to make an appointment to see this property:. You can also add a form for buyers to fill outright in the video. This generates leads for you and get’s the prospect engaged.


Talking about yourself can be a powerful option that allows you to impress your viewer. Granted, the whole reason a viewer is watching a real estate video is to learn more about the listing, but it’s also a great platform to present a very brief bio about yourself. If you have any awards or milestones, you can include them in the beginning or end of your video. You can start the video with, “This 3-bedroom, 2-bath house in Spring Hill Florida is offered by one of the Top Agents in the Spring Hill and Brooksville area.

These small bragging points allow the viewer to recognize who is selling the home and why they are a good person to contact. This is especially important if you are utilizing YouTube and the video is not be viewed directly on your website.

Everything is possible with video
Everything is possible with video

5. Video Ranks quicker and easier than any other posted content

We discovered that video views have a significant correlation with rankings. Longer videos significantly outperform shorter videos. The average length of a first page YouTube video is 14 minutes, 50 seconds. We discovered that video views have a significant correlation with rankings. With just these two facts in mind it would stand to reason that if you are producing video content on “How To Buy A Home In Today’s Market” “5 Hot Spots In Your County USA” or whatever, you will get ranked. With video rankings, you can drive traffic for buyer and seller leads.

There are stats after stats that prove it over and over again, yet we do not produce videos for our business. Hey, I’m guilty of it. However, my goal is to produce 25 videos before the end of 2019. I’ll let you know how it goes.

In conclusion, whether you start with a simple walkthrough video or an expensive high production video for those million-dollar listings, it’s important to put together a package that represents the listing itself. Additionally, consider personalizing of your video to reflect your personality. Lastly, start a Youtube channel. For more on topics that can help you grow your business.

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