Month: August 2019

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It’s Not Your Grandmother’s Or Even Your Mother’s Real Estate Business Anymore.

What I found out is that Real Estate Marketing Strategies had changed so much if that I was to attempt to be successful in today’s environment using the Post Sign and Print Ads approach, I would probably starve. Yes, I would starve. Let’s look at the strategies that work today, and see what I found out…

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5 Ways That Virtual Tours Can Change The Outcome Of Your Real Estate Marketing.

Being A former Real Estate Professional myself I often wondered if just having 20-25 high-quality digital photos or a full virtual tour presentation would be better? Do prospective buyers really want to take the time to watch a presentation, or just quickly scroll through a photo? What I would be pretty interesting.

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How 83% Of All Realtors Are Missing Out On Local Business.

83% of all real estate agents and brokers are losing out on local business and don’t even know it. That’s a pretty staggering statistic. The good news is the other 17% are not. So what gives. If I’m a Real Estate Broker and I want to get my share of that additional business, what do I need to do?

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Questions to Ask When Buying a House Checklist

What questions should I ask when buying a house. A checklist for today’s buyer. ReceI considered buying another property. Maybe a rental or investment property. I was wondering what would be some good questions that I could ask so that I could be assured that I didn’t make any huge mistakes. Here’s what I came up with.