1 Good Photographer 1 Bad Editor


1 Good Photographer 1 Bad Editor What’s the deal. Well most of us believe that all the work is done when the picture is snapped. Not so fast my friend. Photography is a really fun and exciting field. And if you get good enough, you might just make a little cash doing it.

1 good photographer 1 bad editor

But if you are a lot of the people that visit our site, you are in the Real Estate business as a Realtor or you are a property owner looking to sell a house. You may be a property flipper. Either way, you know by now that the better your photos look online the more clicks and view you’ll get.

I’m sure that many of you have thought ” I’m one good photographer. But why can’t I get my property photos to look as good as some of the other home pictures out there? Well, part of it may be the actual photo, and some of it could be the editing.

But if you have a photo that is level and are shot in a wide-angle format, you may have a good photo. Now the other areas of concern could be that your exposure could be off. You could be over or underexposed. Exposure is the number one issue with most photos.

The other issue that you’ll find with Real Estate photos is that the windows are blown out. This where the natural light from the outside is greater than the light on the inside. If you have a camera that shoots in a RAW format, this can be addressed. Otherwise taking 3 photos 1 that is underexposed and one that’s overexposed and a third as the camera sees it.

With editing, you can blend the 3 photos to get a good overall look. Let’s say that you simply don’t know how don’t want to take the time to produce such a series of photos, start your photo taking early in the morning or on a cloudy day. Yes, I said it took the photos when the intensity of the sun isn’t as great as it would be during midday. Another option, take photos late afternoon/early evening.

1 good photographer 1 bad editor
Bad Editing and not a very good photo ‘ And I took it”

These two tricks will help you get better photos. 1 Good Photographer 1 bad editor. You see, with a couple of basic tweaks you can automatically have better photos. Whether you are using your cell phone or, a DSLR you can get pretty good property photos for your property listings or investment property flips.

I recently ran into a company that uses only mobile phones for their property shoots. They also charge more than the average going rate for the packages. Would I say that they are producing magazine quality photos for their clients? NO However are they offering a package that is acceptable for the marketing of real estate properties?

Where they are able to put out a product that’s of good quality is in the editing. This is where most are 1 good photographer, 1 bad editor. With that being said, you can be a better editor without a lot of extra effort and time. I say this with a little reservation. Learning how to edit your photos can take some time. The learning curve isn’t too bad and with a few homes under your belt, you can become a GOOD EDITOR in no time.

The National Association of Realtors has several articles and resources to help cement the fact that in today’s world (especially today’s world i.e COVID) you’ll need great photos either the DIY method or hire a professional.

So when it comes to photo editing what software should you use? Starting out I started with Photoshop then I went to Lightroom which is an adobe product.

Lightroom has all the tools that you’ll need to edit your photos and the cost is very minimal. LR is $9.99 per month. There are other programs out there that are just as easy to use (some easier) that are available for a one time cost.

The other option is to forgo the editing process and send your photos to a professional editor. We offer such services at a very reasonable cost. Check out our gallery for some examples of photos that we shot and edited. As far as cost goes. We can edit 20-35 photos for $35-$50. The average photo package can range from $110 to $300 in most areas of the country. Our packages start at $99. ( $89.00 Vacant)

1 Good Photographer 1 Bad Editor

Think you are up to the challenge? Here are some of the equipment that you will need to make sure that you are getting the photos you want and need for all of your real estate photography needs. If you are looking to up your game here are some equipment ideas that may assist.

This package will offer you a wide-angle lens as well as all the things you’ll need to get started. With respect to editing tools, Adobe lightroom is a great option and place to start.

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